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Josh Warsaw '21

Tulane University

“The biggest impact I had on Norfolk Academy was through my time on the track team. Being a leader junior and senior year was incredible. I remember the leaders of the team when I was in Middle School and will never forget the impact they had on me.”

Literacy Fellow, Varsity Winter Track, Varsity Outdoor Track and Field, JV Soccer

Three Words to Describe the Class of 2021: Resilient, Enthusiastic, Caring

What is your COVID silver lining? The ability to eat in other locations, such as the Pit. I always loved eating there on a nice day.

Most Meaningful Activity
I’ve loved Track and Field since I started in Middle School. Coach Lampert made my track experience the best by striking the right balance between criticism and jokes. I also had an incredible time with my friends at practices and meets and always loved running.

A Favorite Memory
My favorite non-classroom experience came from the Literacy Fellows Program, when I would go to Tidewater Park Elementary and help the students with homework. This exposure was amazing for all of the things the students taught me, and making friends with many of them.

Reflections on Learning
In the classroom I’ve always enjoyed the small and creative activities the teachers make to avoid having us simply sitting and listening to lectures. Even during the pandemic, teachers have done a great job keeping engagement levels at a maximum.

Inspirational Teacher-Coach
Since ninth grade, Dr. Kidd has helped with virtually anything I had a problem with and was an incredible teacher. I learned so much about philosophy, politics, and of course English from having him as an advisor, Fellows director, and teacher. I’ll never forget Dr. Kidd’s doge cup making an appearance in almost every class.

A Quick Word About Josh
“Josh loves to understand details. A young man who appreciates architectural design, it’s all about the angles, materials and approach to style. A lover of professional sports, he studies the history and stats of current and past players and loves the drama and high stakes of elimination games and clutch plays - again, the details. As a track and field athlete and soccer player, Josh focuses on all the ways he can improve himself; no amount of effort (even if it is working to move the needle on his 55-meter hurdle time by a fraction of a second) is too insignificant. He is an artist who loves math and physics, a Literacy Fellow who plays video games, a Francophile who loves the red, white and blue of American baseball. Josh is Renaissance and interesting, in all the very best ways.” ~ Mrs. Jennifer Scott, Josh’s College Counselor

The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is… my determination.