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Jasy Nelson '21

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

“Norfolk Academy has taught me the value of resilience and patience. My experiences and choices here at NA show that hard work and effort do pay off.” 

Peer Counselor, Performing Arts Sound Team, Student Ambassador, Outdoors Club, German Club Vice President

What I’ll Miss Most about NA: Theater productions… and our refectory’s grilled cheese. 

Most Meaningful Activity 
Participating in sound and video production has been my favorite extracurricular activity because this combines my creative passions for film and technology. I genuinely love filming, sound mixing, and editing at the end of the school day because these activities ignite my creativity. 

Beyond the Classroom 
Even though I was only able to participate in it once, I enjoy Fine Arts Day because it surrounds you with creative and talented students, whether it be those who perform on the stage or work in the sound booth. I am extremely glad I could be a part of such a wonderful and fulfilling environment. 

Inspirational Teacher-Coach 
A combination of two of my favorite faculty members fostered my passion for film. Mr. Patterson introduced me to the history of film through his film class. Mr. Fleenor paved an outlet to apply my filmmaking skills. They both opened the door to experiment more with my fascination of film. 

COVID Silver Lining 
I am glad COVID has given me the opportunity to continue to pursue my passions. I have been able to explore more things about myself and strengthen my hobbies and interests like filmmaking and playing the electric guitar. 

A Quick Word About Jasy 
“Jasy is a consistent, conscientious student who is a positive, steadying influence on her classmates. Jasy’s personality makes her stand out from her peers. She is a model of conscientiousness. What makes her involvement in class, and outside of it as well, most noteworthy is the consistency of her positive attitude. She never fails to come to class with a smile, and she maintains that sunny equanimity no matter how obscure the material seems or how argumentative her peers become. Her presence projects a calming aura over everyone. Even though she has since left my course, she continues to greet me with a smile whenever our paths cross, and she even drops by our department office just to say hello. Jasy personifies the consensus-builder who gets the best out of those around her. Her unique and wonderful personality deserves special commendation.” ~ Mr. Richard Oberdorfer, Jasy’s History Teacher 

The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is… my resilience and passion.