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Jack Lynch '21

James Madison University

“Norfolk Academy has an incredible learning atmosphere through the teachers, coaches, and students. It has left a big impact on my eagerness to find communities such as the one at Norfolk Academy.” 

Varsity Baseball (Player and Manager) 

What I’m Most Looking Forward to about College: Taking my first steps toward my career 

Three Words to Describe the Class of 2021: Perceptive, Competitive, Eager 

Most Meaningful Activity 
My favorite extracurricular activity during Upper School has been baseball because of the relationships that I have built. 

Beyond the Classroom 
Watching and participating in sporting events at Norfolk Academy is one of my favorite non-classroom experiences because the fans and the players are showing their true NA colors. Personally, I enjoyed the basketball games most. 

Inspirational Teacher-Coach   
After spending only a year in Mr. Bunn’s Spanish III class, I knew he genuinely loved to teach and cared for his students. I have realized from him that I want to find a career in which I also can be passionate and caring. 

Making My Mark 
At Norfolk Academy, making many friends has always been a goal of mine. I believe my eagerness to make friends has encouraged others to do the same and has left a positive and meaningful impact on the school. 

A Quick Word About Jack 
“Jack’s academic accomplishments are rivaled only by his personal strengths. His kind heart and true interest in making others feel welcome are exceptional. I do not know a social situation in which Jack would feel uncomfortable or would not quickly make friends. He works well in groups, goes above and beyond to include those who may feel excluded, and is generally a pleasure to teach. He takes all feedback with a positive attitude and works hard to improve himself in all situations. ~ Dr. Amber Jenkins, Jack’s English 10 and Contemporary American Poetry Teacher 

The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is…not being afraid to fail.