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Henry Campbell '21

Rollins College

“Norfolk Academy has left a lasting impact on my work ethic.”   

Varsity Sailing (Co-Captain), Winter Musical Lighting Crew, NA-TV 

What I Will Miss Most About Norfolk Academy: The relationships with my friends and teachers 

Three Words to Describe the Class of 2021: Fun, Energetic, Caring  

Most Meaningful Activity   
Varsity Sailing. I enjoyed sailing a lot through my Upper School years. Everyone on the team was close and no one was left out, and we were able to achieve most of our lofty goals. 

Beyond the Classroom   
Field Day is one of my favorite non-classroom events. It brings all the grade levels together and produces an event that we all can enjoy, yet we have to do our part to help put it on. 

Reflections on Learning 
I enjoyed the golden penny lab in Intro to Chem. I made a new friend and realized that chemistry was going to be what I pursued during the rest of my Upper School experience. 

Making My Mark 
I feel like the support that I give to both my fellow classmates and underclassmen, whether they be in my class or on a team, has impacted Norfolk Academy positively.   

A Quick Word About Henry 
“The one thing I have learned is to never count Henry out. He has a way of defying the odds or the stereotypes placed on him and performing at the top of his class in all he does. Henry is the type of student who does not accept any notion he cannot achieve a goal once he sets his mind to it, and I have found from experience to trust that Henry can do what he says.” ~ Mr. John Craig, Henry’s Chemistry and Advanced Chemistry Teacher  

The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is…stewardship.