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Harrison Summers '21

Virginia Tech

“The friendships I have made will be one of the longest-lasting aspects of my Norfolk Academy experience.” 

Varsity Cross Country (Captain), Varsity Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field, Tunstall Student Council Class Representative, Sci-Fi Club 

Three Adjectives to Describe the Class of 2021: Fun, Honorable, Helpful 

Most Meaningful Activity 
I love cross country. I have had great experiences with my teammates and have made good friends. 

Beyond the Classroom 
I enjoyed the China Exchange. I was able to meet new people and eat great food. 

Inspirational Teacher-Coach 
Coach Marshall has had the biggest impact on me. She has always supported me and shown that she believes in me. 

Making My Mark 
I believe that I have impacted our cross country program by bringing our boys and girls teams closer together. 

A Quick Word About Harrison 
“Harrison has a keen and inquiring mind. He asks many ‘what if’ questions and is motivated to learn. Harrison works well with others and is always willing to help his classmates with their understanding. Many of his peers go to him for help. Simply put, Harrison is an asset in the classroom. As a class representative, Harrison effectively manages his responsibilities, often behind the scenes, and is able to motivate others to give their best. He works to make the best of troubling times and brings cheer to those around him. I am confident that his motivation, academic record, individual talents, and impressive character will continue to define him.” ~ Ms. Patti Rankin, Harrison’s Math Teacher 

The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is… helping my teammates.