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Graham Webb '21

Sewanee: The University of the South

“NA feels like a home away from home and has always reminded me to overcome challenges as they appear and not let them keep you down.” 

Literacy Fellow, Winter Musical (Lead), Girl Up Club (Co-President), Skateboarder  

Three Words to Describe the Class of 2021: United, Perseverant, Amazing 

Favorite Refectory Meal: Obviously, chicken patties (haha) 

Most Meaningful Activity  
Being part of the Literacy Fellows has allowed me to have so many experiences that I never would have otherwise enjoyed. I made friends I will have forever, and got to know Dr. Kidd, my advisor, who was important to my high school years. 
Reflections on Learning 
There have been many moments in class that have had a large impact on me. One thing I love is a tradition Dr. Kidd and I have where I draw a waste horn on his black board every time it gets erased. It's simple but our little moments surrounding this mean a lot. 

Making His Mark 
I think I have a pretty big personality and no problem making friends with anyone around me, so I would like to think that most people have had an interaction with me at some point. My mom always said it’s not what you did but how you made them feel, so I think in that way I have left my mark at Norfolk Academy. 

A Few Words of Advice to my Fellow Bulldogs 
An old senior once told me to try and enjoy time at NA as much as possible right now, because one day it will end. Also, don't take things too seriously. 

A Quick Word About Graham 
“The self-confessed child of ‘hippie’ parents in a very traditional part of Virginia’s Tidewater, Graham is an eclectic thinker who brings truly insightful and rare gifts to all that he does. It is truly a rare thing to come across someone his age who can relate to ideas and to adults and complex realities in the ways that Graham can. He is an innovator, a leader, and a unique scholar.” ~ Dr. David Kidd, Graham’s English Teacher and Literacy Fellows Director 

The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is… my character.