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Bayler Glenn '21

University of Virginia

“I believe I have left an impact on Norfolk Academy through my demonstration of being both a devoted student and dancer despite having a busy schedule. I dance outside of school up to 40 hours a week, but have never let that stop me from maintaining the rigorous curriculum at Norfolk Academy. I think I have shown that you can be both dedicated to academics and the arts, or other extracurricular activities, without having to sacrifice one or the other to be successful.”  

Dance (National Competitor with Denise Walls Dance Energy)  

Three Words to Describe the Class of 2021: Resilient, Determined, Exuberant  

Favorite Refectory Meal: Anything from the yogurt bar!  

Most Meaningful Activity 
French Exchange. I loved this program because it not only deepened my knowledge of the French language and culture, but it allowed me to become friends with a stranger who I never would have otherwise met. Even though I was unable to travel to France last May because of COVID, my French exchange student and I still talk often, and we are planning the day when we can reunite. This time, in France! 

A Favorite Memory 
My favorite non-classroom experience at Norfolk Academy has been the Speech Program. It allowed me to speak for eight minutes, uninterrupted, about a topic that I am passionate about, and developed my ability to speak publicly, which will be a vital skill for my future. Also, everyone has something that they care deeply about. So, having the opportunity to listen to a different speech every day has informed me of an issue or topic that I never would have known as much about before. 
Reflections on Learning 
One of my best classroom experiences was 4GB with Ms. Simone because she taught everyone to be strong and confident in who they are. She also stressed the importance of hard work and to never give up by pairing her words with all of the Rosie the Riveter posters hung around the classroom. Ms. Simone also instructed every girl to be kind to each other and to create a kind community in the classroom through “Heart Girl.” 

Inspirational Teacher-Coach  
The teacher-coach who has had the greatest impact on me is Mr. Warsaw. I loved French, and when I arrived to Mr. Warsaw’s class, I loved it even more. He possesses a deep passion for the language and always had ways to make learning the French language and culture engaging, interesting, and fun. The time I spent in his class in the Upper School will continue to have an impact on how I learn and speak the French language.

A Quick Word About Bayler 
“Bayler loves writing in French. For her, it’s more like art than like writing. She is inventive, with language infusing her prose with idiomatic expression. She tries out new sentence structures, all the while remaining very precise with verb forms and syntax. That beautiful writing is born from hard work and attention to things that go unnoticed for other students. For instance, her regular daily notes go in her binder but, she has a small special spiral notebook for off-the-beaten-path words. I admire that she loves the language so much that she gives it extra care.” ~ Mr. Warren Warsaw, Bayler’s French Teacher 

The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is… my integrity and honor.