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Emma Howerton '21

University of Wisconsin–Madison

“Norfolk Academy has taught me the importance of relying on other people. NA has given me friendships that will last a lifetime, and therefore I know that I can rely on them through the good times and the bad.” 

Varsity Swimming, Varsity Soccer, Aftercare, Literary Magazine, Special Olympics Club, Reach/Interact Club 

What I’ll Miss Most About NA: My Teachers 

Most Meaningful Activity 
My favorite extracurricular activity has been varsity swimming. I’ve swam for Coach Kirkman for six years, and even though this is the hardest I’ve ever pushed myself, I loved being with my teammates every day and loved the feeling of being part of something bigger than myself. 

Beyond the Classroom 
I have spent countless hours (to the point where I have an honorary desk) talking with Dr. Lindbeck and Dr. Rezelman in the history office. Speaking with them has given me new perspectives on life, and whenever I have a problem or am upset, I feel comfortable going to them for humor (Dr. Rezelman) and advice (Dr. Lindbeck). 

Reflections on Learning 
My favorite classroom experience has been Calculus with Mrs. Gorsline. I love how witty she is, and her class made me love math. When I meet with her outside of class, she always makes me laugh, and her class has ultimately made me a better student. 

Inspirational Teacher-Coach 
Dr. Lindbeck has had the biggest impact on me, since he has been my advisor for my entire time in the Upper School. Because of this, I feel like I can talk with him about anything. 

A Quick Word About Emma 
“Emma is the epitome of the upbeat, good-natured student who seems to always be smiling. Her infectious positive attitude has made it such a delight to be her advisor. She has a great passion for learning – when she sees something new, she wants to understand it, and she has an exceptional ability to master every subject she touches. Colleges need – as does our country as a whole – more people like Emma, who can seamlessly transition back and forth between technical knowledge and an appreciation of the deeper human experiences in history and the arts. Emma is a special student – a hard-working go-getter with an attitude every classmate or colleague wants to work with. She is kind, optimistic, honest, and an exemplar of the wide-ranging polymath.” ~ Dr. John Lindbeck, Emma’s Upper School Advisor 

The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is… my commitment.