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Emily Vazquez Paramo '21

University of Virginia

“Norfolk Academy has shown me the importance of creating relationships. Not only have I met friends who I know I will keep in touch with long after high school, but I have witnessed the bonds between the students and faculty. Even after graduation, Norfolk Academy stays in touch with alumni, reminding them that they are not alone.” 

UNITiD, CEAC, Reach Interact, Artist 

Three Words to Describe the Class of 2021: Witty, Energetic, Dedicated 

Favorite Refectory Meal: Chicken Alfredo 

A Favorite Memory
I’ve always loved seeing the raffle tickets being thrown into the air at the end of Field Day. Not only is it nice to see everyone so happy but the tickets represent individuals and families who have given back to the NA community. 

Reflections on Learning 
One time Mrs. Goodson surprised our class with pencils that had our names engraved in them. The idea stemmed from a silly debate the class had about what the superior pencil was. I didn't give the debate a second thought after that day; I was shocked to see such carefully put together gifts because of it. It showed how much she cares for her students and the attention she pays to our class and my peers. 
Inspirational Teacher-Coach 
Ms. Nasimiyu has greatly impacted my life and experience at Norfolk Academy. I found her to be a great person to talk with, especially because our conversations never felt like a lecture but honest and genuine chats. She also encouraged me to express my creative side when it came to academic and personal projects by motivating me to have fun with things normally viewed as tedious. I admire her sense of humor, organization skills, and drive. 

My COVID Silver Lining 
Because of quarantine, I was able to take time to learn how to cook and explore different dishes. I now have another hobby that I enjoy. 

A Quick Word About Emily 
“Emily has a friendly, if slightly hesitant, air about her. I can literally watch on her face as her curiosity triumphs over her shyness. In my mind’s eye she is a cat cautiously approaching someone new for, in this case, some philosophical musings. Emily is especially fond of ‘meaning of life’-type questions. Just last week she asked me, apropos of pretty much nothing, if I thought humans were inherently good or evil. From some students it might seem like they were trying to impress me, but Emily is just really enjoying her political philosophy class and wanted my opinion on some of her thoughts. Lots of students are smart, lots of students are nice, and many even manage to combine the two, but Emily’s combination of curiosity and kindness is absolutely ‘top of the charts.’” ~ Dr. David Rezelman, Emily’s U.S. History Teacher 

The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is… my honor.