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Elizabeth Taddeo '21

James Madison University

“I think what makes Norfolk Academy so different from other schools is that it is very family-oriented. Because of this, the relationships between the students and teachers are close and it makes the classroom experience so much more engaging and exciting.” 

Sound Crew for Fall/Spring Plays and Winter Musical, CHKD Club, Outdoors Club, Filmmaker 

Three Words to Describe the Class of 2021: Passionate, Helpful, Friendly 

Most Meaningful Activity 
In ninth grade, I joined the sound production team for the Winter Musical. It is one the greatest experiences from my time at Norfolk Academy. It not only has taught me about tech but also teamwork. 

Reflections on Learning 
Dr. Kidd's English classes are where some of my greatest memories from NA stem from. The class didn't feel like a traditional classroom, it was so much more engaging. Dr. Kidd's class has made me fall in love with literature and writing. 

Inspirational Teacher-Coach   
Dr. Rezelman has been one of the most influential people in my life. He is witty and so kind. He has helped me grow as an individual and helped guide me through both good and bad days. I am so honored to have had him as an advisor and teacher. I am eternally grateful for all his support. 

Making My Mark 
I have a strong interest in film, and I tried to incorporate that into everything I did at Norfolk Academy, from helping create a dance video with Mr. Watson to working on film projects with teachers to creating a documentary for my film class about one of my favorite teachers. 

A Word of Advice to My Fellow Bulldogs 
Get to know your teachers! At Norfolk Academy, you are so blessed to be surrounded by so many intelligent people who each are skilled in a subject. A lot of them have worked in so many interesting careers and later moved on to teach you and me. I highly recommend sitting down with someone you find interesting in the classroom and get to know them. You’ll learn a lot. 

A Quick Word About Elizabeth 
“When Elizabeth puts her mind to a project she is passionate about, she is capable of truly great things. She is a determined young woman and the kind of student you find yourself rooting for. I have complete trust in her (as evidenced by allowing her to make a documentary about me). Obviously, I think the world of her.” ~ Dr. David Rezelman, Elizabeth’s U.S. History Teacher, International Relations teacher and Advisor 

The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is…my optimism.