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Christopher Asuncion '21

University of Virginia

“Norfolk Academy taught me the importance of self-expression. Through the 12 years I’ve attended NA, I’ve grown so much from the super shy kid who lived in his own little bubble to now being the excitable and energetic person I am today. If it wasn’t for a loving community of both peers and teachers that brought me out of my shell, I wouldn’t be the one-and-only crazy, affectionate, and caring Christopher that I am today."

Junior Director of the Philippine Rondalla Ensemble of Virginia (PREVa), BLP EDI Fellow, Fall Play, Winter Musical, Varsity Rowing

Most Meaningful Activity
Norfolk Academy’s international programs have not only given me priceless opportunities to travel the world but have also helped me become closer with peers who I was less familiar with. Some of my best friends today started in exchange programs and Fellows trips.

Best Classroom Experience
My favorite classroom memory has to be the writing workshops that I did in Dr. Kidd’s classes, where our peers would read and analyze pieces of fiction that we had written. It was amazing to watch my classmates both appreciate the details I meticulously sprinkled throughout my story and also give critiques that I could use to improve my writing. These workshops helped boost my confidence as a creative writer.

Inspirational Teacher-Coach
Dr. Call has been a mentor since I joined the EDI Fellows in ninth grade. He has been my physics teacher and advisor, and through my years in the Upper School, he has been a constant source of encouragement in my work and also comfort through our lively chats. I am so grateful for all his support both inside and outside the classroom.

Making My Mark
I think that I’ve brought an infectious energy and confidence to those around me at NA. I love to make people laugh while also never being afraid to stay true to who I am. I hope that my fellow classmates, underclassmen, and even teachers remember the energy I brought to every class, so that they will continue being sources of positivity for those around them as well.

Word of Advice for His Fellow Bulldogs
Stay true to who you are. Self-identity can be hard to not only discover but also to accept, especially with the social conscience of possible judgement. However, I assure that for every person who may judge you for who you are, there are 100 more people who will love and support you.

A Quick Word about Christopher
“There’s no math class that teaches you what you get when you add together selflessness, genuine passion, musical and athletic gifts, salient academic drive and potential, and a huge, huge heart. But as I’ve learned over the past two years, the answer to this question is one Christopher Asuncion. Christopher stacks up there with the most academically talented students with whom I have ever worked. What most sets him apart is his heartwarming grasp of what it means to be a member of a community - to serve it, to protect it, and to always act in the best interests of those who call that community home. Everything Christopher touches becomes better, and everyone who meets him, myself included, is amazed at how effortlessly he embodies humble excellence. Christopher soars at everything he sets his mind to, and does so without expecting any praise or recognition in return. His mathematical mind is truly brilliant, and his inclusive mindset and giving spirit make him a tremendous student, wonderful friend, and fierce advocate for others. In college, he will be a ray of sunshine for all to enjoy, just as he has served as a shining example on our campus for the past twelve years."  ~ Mr. Brad Harlan, Christopher’s College Counselor