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Charlie Walker '21

Virginia Tech

“The lessons I learned while using the Honor System for 12 years have shaped me into the person I am today, and I hope to spread this impact to others in the future.”

Varsity Crew (Captain), Engineering, Design, and Innovation Fellow, Summer at the Academy Counselor

Three Words to Describe the Class of 2021: Strong-willed, Enthusiastic, Unified

Most Meaningful Activity
I joined the rowing team on a whim in ninth grade, and that was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I had never felt such a feeling of camaraderie on a team before, and I hope to have made an impact on my teammates as well as the program itself.

Beyond the Classroom 
The Tunstall Olympiad was one of my favorite non-classroom experiences because it brings students together in such an effective manner. The event is early in the school year, so it also seems like a brief step away from school that allows all of the students to unite.

Inspirational Teacher-Coach
Dr. Kidd has taught me in multiple classes, and is also my advisor. As a teacher, he has taught me to think about deeper, out of the box topics while writing and analyzing works of literature. As an advisor, I have received a numerous amount of both scholarly and personal advice and guidance from him.

A Quick Word About Charlie
“Charlie is more mature, more thoughtful, more compassionate and more levelheaded than most 17-year-olds I’ve met. If I had to pick one senior to guide us in a moment of crisis, it would be Charlie. His quiet strength is the bedrock on which everyone around him relies. Charlie is simply the nicest, sweetest kid. He harbors absolutely zero resentment for some of the challenges he’s experienced and has never let anything stand between him and any opportunity he wishes to experience. Charlie has not only chartered his own course, he has built a remarkable character chock full of inquisitiveness, courage, thoughtfulness, humility, originality and benevolence.” ~ Mrs. Wendy Livingston, Charlie’s College Counselor

The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is…my ambition to lead and help others find a pathway to success.