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Charlie Britt '21
lacrosse player

Virginia Tech

“Norfolk Academy has provided me with the ability to really learn. Instead of learning how to memorize information for an assessment, NA has taught me to genuinely enjoy the process.” 

Varsity Sailing, Varsity Lacrosse, Eagle Scout 

What I’ll Miss Most About NA: All the relationships I have formed 

Most Meaningful Activity 
My favorite extracurricular activity has been sailing. I have made many friends who I would not have met if I had not been on the team, and I have made many great memories from racing all around the East Coast. 

Beyond the Classroom 
My favorite non-classroom experience at Norfolk Academy has easily been our advisor system. The advisor system has allowed me to find a mentor who I am able to connect with. 

Inspirational Teacher-Coach 
The teacher-coach who has had the biggest impact on me during my Upper School career is Mr. Duffy. It has been great getting to know him and rely on him through difficult times and situations. 

COVID Silver Lining 
The pandemic has made me realize how truly special Norfolk Academy is. Additionally, COVID made me embrace taking advantage of every opportunity, and of every moment. 

A Quick Word About Charlie 
“When you have Charlie in class, you have one of the most engaged and serious students. He listens and takes notes intently, and he shows even greater focus in class discussions. I’ve taught some standout students, but many of them cannot carry a conversation as effectively or as well as Charlie. He is a confident individual, though humble enough to listen when he needs to. He has a sharp mind. Having taught at the college level, I can testify that he is going to delight his future professors. Charlie is one of those people who is going to become incredibly successful through his great interest in a particular field and through his genuine ease and confidence with other people. He is a smart guy academically, but his real strength is in his relationships and his eagerness to learn with others.” ~ Dr. John Lindbeck, Charlie’s History Teacher 

The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is… my connection to the Norfolk Academy community.