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Cami Cuebas '21

Virginia Tech

“Norfolk Academy has made me value the importance of having a community of support. All the teachers I have had in three years at NA have shown their clear commitment to having their students understand the material and succeed.”

Varsity Tennis (Captain), Varsity Lacrosse, Lifesavers Club, Happy Club, Spanish Club

What I’ll Miss Most About NA: All of my amazing friends

Most Meaningful Activity
Being a member of the tennis team has been my favorite extracurricular activity at Norfolk Academy. I’ve made friends with people I otherwise would never have met, and have had the opportunity to create a family relationship with my teammates and coaches.

Beyond the Classroom
Even though the pandemic came before I was able to finish my exchange, being able to host a Colombian student was an amazing and unique experience. In those two weeks, I gained a friend with an extremely different background, learned so much about culture, and was able to show someone what my day-to-day life was like.

Inspirational Teacher-Coach
Señor Bryant has had a great impact on me. Every day when I walk into his class, he has an enthusiastic, welcoming spirit and a way of making learning fun. He cares about us more than just as students, and he often feels more like a friend than a teacher. It’s great to be able to have that kind of relationship with an adult who you respect and know you can trust.

COVID Silver Lining
Even though this year has been completely different than any year before, it has shown me that NA’s faculty is willing to work to find ways to give us a safe and almost normal senior year. They are always trying to find creative ways to honor our class and make the best out of what we have to work with.

A Quick Word About Cami
“I first met Cami during the Tunstall Olympiad. Mr. Oberdorfer and I were leading a trivia game, and into our room walks Cami and her teammates. Though the entire day is jovial, Cami, and her spirit in particular, stood out. She enthusiastically answered questions, supported her friends, and was willing to laugh and have fun (while also trying to win – she is a competitor!). Since this first meeting, I have continued to be impressed by all that she has accomplished, as well as how she has accomplished it. Whether in the classroom, on the tennis court, or in her various clubs, Cami shines, and remains humble, modest, and down-to-earth. I have no doubt that she is going to thrive in college, ultimately pursuing an exceedingly bright career as a veterinarian, offering the same warmth to her future patients and families that she has offered to all of us during her time at NA.” ~ Mr. Brad Harlan, Cami’s College Counselor

The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is… my value of integrity.