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Jacob Cameron '21

Gettysburg College

“All of my friends have changed me in different ways for the better, and I wouldn't be the same person without them.”   

Varsity Indoor Track, Varsity Outdoor Track, Sci-Fi Club 

Three Words to Describe the Class of 2021: Creative, Insightful, Adaptable  

Most Meaningful Activity   
Outdoor Track and Indoor Track are at the top, as I get to connect with people I don't usually connect with, which is important for me. Running is significantly less fun, however!     

Beyond the Classroom  
Talking to teachers outside of class has been something I do regularly and has always been a big part of my school life. I did so not just for help on work, but for getting advice on things and being told stories.  

Reflections on Learning 
Every class that I have had with more than three friends has been great. My sophomore English class was probably one of the best class environments and best class rosters I've ever had. Even though it was in my first year of high school, the class felt laid back despite the workload.  

Inspirational Teacher-Coach
Dr. Rezelman has had the greatest impact, no doubt. His teaching and story-telling are so intricately interwoven that I forget I'm learning sometimes. On top of that, his stories are entertaining. 

A Quick Word About Jacob  
“As his advisor, I have had ample opportunity to witness Jacob’s friendly and easygoing manner with his peers. He laughs easily and often. I know him as a teacher, not a friend, but I imagine he would be fiercely loyal as the latter. Even as a student he frequently will come up to me and ask ‘and how are things going for you, Doc?’ His most important role is as an enthusiastic cheerleader for his peers. I think the world of this young man. He is an A++ human being who will make whatever university community he joins a happier and better collection of people.” ~ Dr. David Rezelman, Jacob’s International Relations and U.S. History Teacher and Advisor     

The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is…the people I surround myself with.