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Caitlin Johnson '21

Amherst College

“Norfolk Academy taught me to push through obstacles and to accomplish my goals. Although things can be difficult, I know I can either persevere through them or find a better, alternate way.”  

Engineering, Design, and Innovation Fellow, Literary Magazine (Editor-in-Chief), Winter Musical Set Crew, Artist 

What I Will Miss Most About NA: The teachers  

Most Meaningful Activity  
I’ve enjoyed working with the Rings, Strings, and Other Things Literary Magazine staff. It’s always fun to look over our peers’ wonderful creative writing and to host in-school events like Coffeehouse.    

Reflections on Learning  
When my Political Foundations class began our debates, I was intimidated at first, but it quickly became my favorite classroom activity. I admire how my classmates present profound ideas in our academic arguments. 

Inspirational Teacher-Coach  
Dr. Call has fostered my love for creation. Although I don’t plan to pursue physics or engineering as a career, I will always enjoy playing around with computer-aided design and reflecting on the connection between art and science. His humorous, patient personality makes advisory awesome, and he helps me consider all possibilities when working on a project. 

Making My Mark  
I hope my EDI projects and Literary Magazines will leave a lasting impact on NA. My atomic orbital models were made to help chemistry students understand complex topics, and the LitMags I have worked on were made to share NA students’ talent with the world. 

A Quick Word About Caitlin  
“Caitlin took Advanced Chemistry as a junior in a senior dominated class. She came into the year with a great work ethic and willingness to learn. She asks great questions and has a deep desire to understand how the world around her works at the molecular level. By mid-year, all of the seniors were arguing over who would get to work with her on projects. She is maybe the most responsible and one of the most impressive students I have ever known in my career.” ~ Mr. John Craig, Caitlin’s Chemistry and Advanced Chemistry Teacher   

The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is…my character.