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Bridget Tan '21

Auburn University

“The most important thing Norfolk Academy has taught me is how to most effectively and efficiently use my time. I know how to prioritize my time to get work done, and also know when I have time to have fun.” 

Batten Leadership Program Global Affairs Fellow, Community Service Council, Varsity Cross Country, Varsity Track & Field, Varsity Basketball 

Three Adjectives to Describe the Class of 2021: Fun, Thoughtful, United 

Most Meaningful Activity 
One of my favorite extracurricular activities has been running cross country since the ninth grade. I first joined the team as a way to get in shape for other sports, but I ended up finding a team of some of the greatest people and coaches I have ever met, who take what is often considered an individual sport and make it team focused. 

Beyond the Classroom 
My favorite non-classroom experience was Someone Special Night for Girls Varsity Basketball. Not only is the story behind this night incredible, but it also provides an amazing bonding experience between teammates and gives everyone an opportunity to thank someone who they don’t often get the chance to thank. 

Inspirational Teacher-Coach 
The coach who had the biggest impact on me during my time at NA was Coach Lampert. He believed in everyone, even when they didn’t believe in themselves. 

Making My Mark 
I hope that the biggest impact I have left on NA is my work with migrant farmers. I think that spreading awareness about these essential workers who are often forgotten about will help to strengthen support and outreach efforts for them in the years to come. 

A Quick Word About Bridget 
“Bridget is a remarkably bright student, a dedicated and talented athlete, and, most importantly, a young woman of character. The central characteristic that drives Bridget in everything she does is her genuine sense of gratitude. She is always quick to thank her teachers and coaches for even the most mundane of reasons – like when leaving class every day or even when running sprints at the end of basketball practice! Her approach to her daily work is grounded in her desire to make the very most of her opportunities and to find ways to share her talents with others. She is among the most genuine and thoughtful young women with whom I have worked in my 30-plus years in education.” ~ Mr. Neil Duffy, Bridget’s Physics Teacher and Varsity Basketball Coach 

The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is… my perseverance.