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Blake Brown '21

Duke University

“Teachers absolutely love when you meet with them outside of class to help you in the subject or just have a casual conversation.”   

Literacy Fellow, BBYO (Regional President for Membership), Winter Musical, Varsity Sailing 

Favorite Refectory Meal: Caesar Salad with Breadsticks

Most Meaningful Activity 
Through BBYO, I have honed my leadership skills immensely while experiencing Judaism in a completely new way with fellow teens and forming friendships with members from around the U.S. and the world. BBYO has granted me the opportunity to coordinate and lead a convention for more than 200 attendees and travel to places such as Canada and Colorado.

Beyond the Classroom  
The Homecoming pep rally proves a hilarious, entertaining, and necessary aspect of NA’s culture. I’ve enjoyed laughing with friends, cheering on teammates, and witnessing some of the best dance moves of all time. If it took place this year, the sailing team would have dominated the competition for sure with my marvelously wacky dance idea.

Inspirational Teacher-Coach
Although I have always enjoyed math, Coach Runzo took it to a new level. He mixed humor and intellect to create something magical: a classroom of smiling math students. He challenged me and strived to stump me (to no avail). 

Making My Mark
When I entered Literacy Fellows, the program had a serious tone, mostly devoid of lightheartedness. I, however, set out to incorporate more positivity into it through turning bleak discussions on local poverty into optimistic conversations about combating it or brightening others’ day with my witty poems or cheesy jokes at open mics.

A Quick Word About Blake
“Blake was an ideal student; asking questions, offering answers, and working well with his peers. I was never sure how many students he worked with but it was not uncommon for students to start their questions to me with “Blake told me that…” His peers likely approached him because he is a well-known high-flyer in math but they often found that his explanations of physics concepts expanded their own understanding…. Blake seems to have a permanent, genuine smile on his face and is the type of leader that his peers enjoy. He is friendly, listens to other people’s opinions, and works diligently to do the best he can.” ~ Dr. Robert Call, Blake’s Physics 1B and Advanced Physics – C Teacher 

The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is…my honor.