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Annie Livingood '21

University of South Carolina

“Norfolk Academy has left me with a competitive drive to succeed and given me a personal emphasis on honor and integrity.”  

Global Affairs Fellow, Varsity Volleyball, Spanish Club 

Three Words to Describe the Class of 2021: Spirited, Understanding, Capable 

What I Will Miss Most about NA: Teachers whose main goal is for you to succeed  

Most Meaningful Activity  
My favorite tradition is Olympiad because it allows you to bond with other students despite being in different friend groups or years. It was always the main thing I looked forward to at the start of each year, as it resulted in funny memories and new friends. 

Reflections on Learning  
I always enjoyed Mr. Acra's U.S. History class. He was high energy, making us do interesting exercises, and made it easy to learn and enjoy the material. 

Inspirational Teacher-Coach  
Mr. Denson has had the biggest impact on me as a person because he taught me time management skills and was incredibly patient and forgiving when I was struggling during the first quarter. His class has also fostered my passion for politics as he gave his students valuable knowledge of the real world. 

Making Her Mark 
I have left an impact on Norfolk Academy though the Global Affairs Fellows Program by beginning a long-term project on local food deserts, growing connections with our partners in Peru, and providing donations to Awamaki through CareFour. 

A Quick Word About Annie 
“Annie is one of the best problem solvers I have had the opportunity of working with. A natural divergent thinker, she instinctively breaks down problems into their component parts and reassembles them in creative ways. The results of this process are truly unique solutions that have propelled our work in the Global Affairs Fellows Program. Whether it has been working within our school community to promote awareness about the impact of globalization on the world’s indigenous communities or searching for solutions to the local food deserts that are plaguing people of color in our area, Annie has frequently used her intellectual abilities in pursuit of making our community a better place.” ~ Mr. Jack Gibson, Annie’s Global Affairs Fellows Program Director   

The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is…distinction.