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Anna Melley '21

James Madison University

“I have made an impact on NA through showing others how to take care of their community and campus. Even just holding the door open for someone can influence them to do the same for the person behind them. This domino effect can be applied to other small efforts such as saying good morning to someone, picking up trash by the fountain, and actively engaging in class.” 

Yearbook (Assistant Editor-in-Chief), Varsity Diving, Soccer, Happy Club, Lifesavers Club, Spanish Club  

Three Words to Describe the Class of 2021: Energetic, Caring, Strong 

What are you most looking forward to in college? 
I’m looking forward to being out of my comfort zone.  

Most Meaningful Activity  
Yearbook. The past two years of being a part of the Yearbook crew has given me so many wonderful memories. From listening to Señora Glascock’s fascinating stories to playing hangman on the whiteboard, I cannot express how much fun I had. The most valuable part of my time has been meeting and working with such an amazing staff. The friendships I made are something I will forever be grateful for, and I know the Yearbook will be in great hands in the coming years.
Reflections on Learning 
My best classroom memory is from 10th grade, in Señor Bunn's end of the year Spanish party. Everybody brought in food and drinks and we danced to Spanish music with Señor Bunn and his wife. It was so much fun! 
Influential Teacher-Coach 

Dr. Rezelman definitely had the biggest impact on me as a high school student. Previously, I had not done well in history classes because it was difficult for me to be interested in the topics we were covering. However, Dr. Rezelman's teaching style and friendly demeanor helped create a passion in me for history. I enjoyed every class and took in a lot of information that proved beneficial when taking assessments. He gave me a new outlook on history class and was able to get me engaged. 

What has been your COVID silver lining?  
Being able to appreciate simple liberties. The pandemic has taught me how important it is to appreciate what is right in front of you before it is gone. 

A Quick Word About Anna 
“Anna has performed incredibly in her role as Assistant Editor-in-Chief (of the Yearbook). She works creatively on Adobe Photoshop to manipulate photos and design creative pages that stand out. Her contributions are invaluable, and I am so very grateful for her assistance with artwork and student training. Anna is a driven and talented student who will benefit any institution of higher learning. She has a winning personality, a complete sense of responsibility and creative flare.” ~ Ms. Mary Todd Glascock, Anna’s Spanish Teacher and Yearbook Advisor 

The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is… my school spirit.