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As we approach the end of the Year of Courage we are proud to explore the accomplishments, dreams, and future plans of the Class of 2021!  

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Preston Anthony '21

“Savor your time in high school because it doesn't last forever. I would suggest you take advantage of everything NA has to offer.” 

Christopher Asuncion '21

“Norfolk Academy taught me the importance of self-expression. Through the 12 years I’ve attended NA, I’ve grown so much from the super shy kid who lived in his own little bubble to now being the excitable and energetic person I am today."

Kelsey Briggins '21

“Norfolk Academy has taught me that teachers are allies, not enemies, and that school days can genuinely be enjoyed, rather than dreaded. NA has also taught me to lean in to and embrace my curiosity and creativity.” 

Charlie Britt '21

“Norfolk Academy has provided me with the ability to really learn. Instead of learning how to memorize information for an assessment, NA has taught me to genuinely enjoy the process.” 

Maddie Brooks '21

University of Virginia

“Norfolk Academy has made me care more about my global community and the ways I can create change, even in small doses. Constantly challenging myself at NA has provided me with the motivation to find my purpose in life.”  

Blake Brown '21

“Teachers absolutely love when you meet with them outside of class to help you in the subject or just have a casual conversation.”   

Jacob Cameron '21

“All of my friends have changed me in different ways for the better, and I wouldn't be the same person without them.”   

Cullen Campbell '21

“Only worry about what you can control. Don't weigh yourself down with stress that is unnecessary. Stay positive and enjoy the little things.”

Isaac Ceus '21

William & Mary

“Norfolk Academy has taught me the importance of staying true to myself and my interests. I have always found teachers willing to support and encourage me to explore the fields and subjects that fascinate me.” 

Erin Clayton '21

“Norfolk Academy has instilled in me great pride in my work. I strive to have everything I accomplish be done to the best of my ability and in the most honorable way and know I will carry this value with me forever.”  

Zoe Cross '21

“Norfolk Academy has taught me to be the best person I can be, even when no one is looking. NA has taught me to be honorable and kind in all that I do.” 

Cami Cuebas '21

“Norfolk Academy has made me value the importance of having a community of support. All the teachers I have had in three years at NA have shown their clear commitment to having their students understand the material and succeed.”

Olivia Danielson '21

“The one thing that I always come back to with Norfolk Academy is the community. How connected everyone is and how friendly people are always strikes me.” 

Ella Davis '21

“I’ll always be so, so grateful for the coaches and teammates I’ve come to call my family.” 

Ella Deans '21

“I would like to think I’ve left an impact on NA by being a supportive friend and teammate. Whether it’s working with my teammates at practice, commiserating with someone over a failed Physics test, or even being there for a student’s questions about honor, it has been important to me to take an active role in the lives of my peers, who have in turn had a tremendous impact on me.”  

Riley Dorroh '21

“Norfolk Academy has helped to shape who I am as a person. I went from being a naïve child to a young adult while living under the same philosophy for all 12 years. I am a better person and thinker because of it.” 

Jack Elliott '21

“Norfolk Academy has shaped me into the person I am today. Before I arrived at NA, I was a small, insecure freshman, but as the years have passed, NA has helped me become an adult confident in my abilities to be successful wherever I end up.” 

Grayson Fiveash '21

“Through my 12 years at Norfolk Academy, this school has taught me so much and molded me into the individual I am today. I have learned the value of hard work and honor. Teachers since first grade have encouraged me to be ambitious in all aspects of my life. Now, I consider determination to be one of my greatest traits because of the way my teachers have taught me to strive for goals through hard work. It has also taught me to be grateful for every opportunity offered.”  

Taylor Fox '21

“I hope my determination and mindset leave an impact on the community. The one thing I tell all underclassmen is that in order to be successful, you have to want to win more than everyone else and keep an underdog mindset. Hard work always beats talent.”

Brayden Fox '21

“Norfolk Academy will always hold a special place in my heart because of all of the people I have met who I can call family, and also for all of the wonderful opportunities that this school has given me so that I can be prepared for the world.” 

Grayson Gadams '21

“Norfolk Academy has taught me that relationships are important. Relationships with teachers in particular.”

AJ Galiotos '21

“I think that I have left an impact on Norfolk Academy by coming to school with positive energy. I hope that after I leave people will come to NA every day ready to better themselves and those around them.” 

Barr Gill  '21

“Norfolk Academy has made me an honorable person with a strong moral compass. I have been shaped and molded by NA in the past 12 years.” 

Sierra Gilliard '21

“Being here since first grade has allowed me to grow my relationships with the entire grade. The memories of this class will be something I remember for the rest of my life and I am also grateful to know I will always have an uplifting and supportive community in my life.”

Bayler Glenn '21

“I believe I have left an impact on Norfolk Academy through my demonstration of being both a devoted student and dancer despite having a busy schedule. I dance outside of school up to 40 hours a week, but have never let that stop me from maintaining the rigorous curriculum at Norfolk Academy. I think I have shown that you can be both dedicated to academics and the arts, or other extracurricular activities, without having to sacrifice one or the other to be successful.”  

Caroline Godwin '21

“The community Norfolk Academy has created in school and out of school is one that I will never forget. The teachers and students want the best for one another.” 

Charlotte Golpira '21

“It is important for kids to grow up with the constant reminder that their integrity defines their character, and NA has instilled this in me.” 

Justin Green '21

“Leadership Lab not only taught me a lot about myself, but it brought me closer with many of my fellow classmates. The ninth-grade trip is one of the most valuable experiences I have had at Norfolk Academy and I would strongly recommend others go on it.”

Ava Grubb '21

“Every teacher has left a profound impact on me as a student...”   

Peyton Harrell '21

“You will want to leave Norfolk Academy being someone others can look up to.”

Haley Holland '21

“Norfolk Academy has instilled qualities in me such as hard work and honor that I will carry for the rest of my life. I have learned the importance of my integrity over any result.” 

Emma Howerton '21

“Norfolk Academy has taught me the importance of relying on other people. NA has given me friendships that will last a lifetime, and therefore I know that I can rely on them through the good times and the bad.” 

WIlliam Inderlied '21

“Norfolk Academy has taught me the importance of timing. Everything at the school is done on a very organized schedule, especially quizzes and tests. This has forced me to think faster and more precisely than at other schools that I have attended while growing up.”

Jens Islev-Petersen '21

“I’d like to think that my numerous saxophone solos added some sort of spark to the NA concerts. They were musically off-key at first, but in culmination with my rise in devotion to the NA music department over the years, I would say that I helped allow younger players to express creativity through the power of jazz.” 

Leila Jamali '21

“I have been able to learn so much at Norfolk Academy, and have also made lots of lifelong friends. The sense of community here is strong and it provides a foundation for lifetime relationships with teachers and peers.” 

Caitlin Johnson '21

“Norfolk Academy taught me to push through obstacles and to accomplish my goals. Although things can be difficult, I know I can either persevere through them or find a better, alternate way.”

Michela Jones '21

“The impact that Norfolk Academy has left on me has been incredible. The best thing about NA is the teacher-student relationship. It’s an awesome feeling when your teachers help you and when you succeed, they want to celebrate with you.”

Sidney Jordan '21

Duke University

“Norfolk Academy has taught me that it is OK to struggle or fail as long as you learn from your mistakes and move on. I used to be afraid of not understanding things in my classes but I have learned that struggling is not the end of the world if you try to improve.”   

Leo Kamer '21

“Norfolk Academy taught me the importance of honor and integrity. It did so not only through the Honor System, but also through every lesson.” 

Lindsay Kay '21

“Norfolk Academy has left a lasting impact on me through my interaction with teachers both inside and outside the classroom. Teachers make the effort to get to know their students and connect with them, which has made it easier for me to have conversations with adults.” 

AJ Keels '21

“Norfolk Academy has prepared me well for my future. This school has empowered me to reflect on myself, and see where and how I can be better. I think this is an important tool to carry forward in life.” 

Alexandra Kerr '21

“Norfolk Academy has taught me how to command a stage and talk about issues that mean a lot to me.”   

Adam Knapp '21

“As my Norfolk Academy experience concludes I will have left unique memories for my teachers, a DVD copy of ‘Garfield A Tale of Two Kitties’ in Dr. Rezelman's car, and my crested gecko.” 

Finley Lemma '21

“My goal of inclusivity and understanding has been carried out well throughout my years here, and, although I'm not perfect, I think that I have helped others to be more open-minded and empathetic through respectful conversation.”  

Maddie Lester '21

“Norfolk Academy has taught me not only how to be an engaging student, but also how to be a respectable member of my community.” 

Jonathan Levin '21

“Norfolk Academy has taught me to face obstacles head on with overwhelming amounts of confidence and grit.” 

Ned Lewis '21

“Norfolk Academy has prepared me to handle the formal aspects of a career.”

Annie Livingood '21

“Norfolk Academy has left me with a competitive drive to succeed and given me a personal emphasis on honor and integrity.”

Andrew Long '21

“I think NA is one of the best high schools in the country and offers opportunities that others cannot. Every day I come to school, I see it as an opportunity to get better and smarter.”  

Jackson Lopez '21

“Norfolk Academy has taught me to be responsible for my own education.” 

Michael Lucas '21

“The ninth grade crime lab was one of the most engaging classroom activities I have ever done. It taught me how to engage myself in every class.” 

Robert Lucas '21

“The Long-term French Exchange was like a second Leadership Lab solo session. This time it lasted for two months instead of eight hours. I'd recommend it to every person who has a chance to go.”

Christy Luecke '21

“I have left my impact on NA as Co-President of the Girl Up Club. I think it’s important to have uncomfortable, thought-provoking conversations with your peers, and I believe Girl Up provides a safe space for those kinds of discussions. I hope that I have inspired my friends to be more confident and maintain their integrity in their actions and words.” 

Jack Lynch '21

“Norfolk Academy has an incredible learning atmosphere through the teachers, coaches, and students. It has left a big impact on my eagerness to find communities such as the one at Norfolk Academy.” 

Hannah Marks '21

“Norfolk Academy has allowed me to form relationships that I will cherish for years. At NA I have had the opportunity to get close to many of my teachers and classmates.”

Patrick McCracken '21

“I have made decade-long friendships at NA, which is something most 18-year-old boys cannot say.”

Kalli Meagher '21

“Norfolk Academy has shaped me a great deal. It has made me stronger, more determined, and responsible when it comes to work and other activities. With its challenges it has pushed me to grow and be the best version of myself.” 

Anna Melley '21

“I have made an impact on NA through showing others how to take care of their community and campus. Even just holding the door open for someone can influence them to do the same for the person behind them. This domino effect can be applied to other small efforts such as saying good morning to someone, picking up trash by the fountain, and actively engaging in class.” 

Frank Mercer IV '21

“Norfolk Academy has developed me into the leader I am today. It began in first grade with ‘Boy of the Day’ and has culminated in me speaking to Upper School students and faculty about the importance of celebrating Black achievement and Black history.”

Layla Mersel '21

“When I leave Norfolk Academy, smiling at people walking by and holding the door for others will have become second nature to me. I feel comfortable meeting new people and forging connections based on respect.” 

Liam Michaels '21

“I’d like to think that, even if just for a brief moment, my wit in the classroom has made someone have a better day.” 

Reed Miller '21

“Norfolk Academy has taught me the importance of integrity, both in school and in relation to friendships. I greatly value honesty in all aspects of my life, which I credit to NA.” 

Trey Mills '21

“Norfolk Academy has given me plenty of friendships and has taught me life lessons I will never forget.” 

Sophia Mirovski '21

“Upper School seems so far away until it's not, and when it is finally there, it goes by quickly. There are so many amazing opportunities throughout Upper School, and it is important to make the best out of everything it offers you. Be involved and take the time to appreciate everything before it's over.” 

Phoebe Montagna '21

“Norfolk Academy has given me some of my closest friends and best memories of my entire life. I wouldn’t trade my time here for the world.” 

Mac Moore '21

“I am fairly confident that if I were not immersed in the culture at Norfolk Academy, my integrity would probably be much less than it is now.”

Devin Murchake '21

“Norfolk Academy has given me amazing friendships. I know I am leaving NA with strong relationships that I will cherish forever.” 

Jasy Nelson '21

“Norfolk Academy has taught me the value of resilience and patience. My experiences and choices here at NA show that hard work and effort do pay off.” 

Tyler O'Boyle '21

“I believe I have impacted Norfolk Academy through my time spent on the Honor Council and being a captain of the wrestling team. My time on Honor Council has allowed me to set a good example for my fellow Bulldogs. My time as the wrestling team captain has allowed me to connect with younger Bulldogs and build strong relationships with them.”

Dayton Ott '21

“The Honor Code will be something I will always live by, and I know that my classmates will do the same. This along with the friendships I have made will always stay with me.” 

Jordan Pagach '21

“I like to think that I have left a positive impact by being my happiest self as much as possible. I like to think that smiling can make an impact on so many.” 

Jessica Parker '21

“Don't be scared to talk to different people, even if they're in a different friend group than you. Everyone just wants to be friends with each other. Take those risks - they will be worth it. And of course, please read your English books - they're always so much better than you'd expect.” 

Jennifer Permenter '21

“As a 12-year survivor, it is difficult to name just one way (Norfolk Academy has left a lasting impact). NA has fostered a sense of honor, commitment, and dedication in me.” 

Max Pollio '21

“Teachers are your biggest asset. Asking for help is always a smart decision.”

Patrick Purdy '21

“The focus that Norfolk Academy puts on reading and writing has proved extremely beneficial. I have noticed that NA students are impressively ahead when it comes to their writing ability.”

Peyton Randolph '21

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“I have forged so many relationships at this school, I can't fathom it. So many coaches, so many teachers, and so many friends. Without a doubt, I will continue to stay in touch, wherever I may end up.” 

Franklin Reid '21

“I hope my dedication to the track team will inspire the younger runners to follow my lead. My dedication comes from years of tradition on the team, which I learned coming up.”  

Anaiya Roberts '21

“I hope that I will be remembered as kind, compassionate, and driven. Along with this, I hope that I will be remembered as someone who put her all into everything that she was a part of and made people feel good about themselves.”

Kate Ruffin '21

“Norfolk Academy not only has taught me how to solve derivatives, it has taught me how to be a respectful person.” 

Molly Ruffin '21

Auburn University, Honors College

“Each day at Norfolk Academy I am challenged academically and athletically. My peers, teammates, and teacher-coaches have pushed me to become a better version of myself and I am thankful for that.” 

Braeden Shepheard '21

“Norfolk Academy has blessed me with the best group of friends I could ever have. I’ve known most of these people for the past 10 years, and at this point, they’re not just friends. They’re family.” 

Mark Southern '21

“Norfolk Academy has left me with a yearning to always do my best work. Whether academically or athletically, pursuing excellence has been something Norfolk Academy has instilled in me.” 

Ellis Stedfast '21

“Honor will always stick with me for the rest of my life. Since my first day of first grade, NA preached the value and importance of honor.” 

Sabrina Sterns '21

“The people I’ve met here have had a lasting impact on me. There are many friendships I’ve forged here that I know will continue after high school.” 

Caroline Suber '21

“Coach McCallum has had the biggest impact on me. We never played a sport together, but she always helped me with math when I needed it. Teachers who are willing to listen and actively want to help their students always make a big difference to me.”  

Harrison Summers '21

“The friendships I have made will be one of the longest-lasting aspects of my Norfolk Academy experience.” 

Lydia Sweeney '21

“I would like to think that my 2019 Fellows Fall Project demonstrated to my Bay Fellows that no project is too big to take on as long as you are passionate about an issue. I also hoped to demonstrate that connections with people and organizations matter, whether they be with groups in or outside of Norfolk Academy.” 

Elizabeth Taddeo '21

“I think what makes Norfolk Academy so different from other schools is that it is very family-oriented. Because of this, the relationships between the students and teachers are close and it makes the classroom experience so much more engaging and exciting.” 

Bridget Tan '21

“The most important thing Norfolk Academy has taught me is how to most effectively and efficiently use my time. I know how to prioritize my time to get work done, and also know when I have time to have fun.” 

Keon Tavakoli '21

“Norfolk Academy has taught me about trust and friendship and the intricacies that accompany the pursuit of knowledge. I think the most important thing my time at NA has taught me is that there are a lot of people to be thanked for every success in life.” 

Nathan Tenfelde '21

“Norfolk Academy has taught me the importance of honor. Through our Honor Code, I have uncovered what it means to serve a greater role than simply being a student. We have a duty to ourselves and others, and how we act impacts everyone around us.” 

Nate Ternes '21

“Our Honor Code has left a lasting impact, teaching me how to conduct myself even after leaving Norfolk Academy.” 

Jessie Tignor '21

“I don't think I'll be able find any place where the people are as welcoming as those who reside at NA.” 

Virginia Ames Tillar '21

Virginia Tech

“Norfolk Academy has allowed me to truly discover who I am as a person. Whether it has been during my intense study of the humanities or pursuing my love for the stage during a performance, I have discovered that NA truly emphasizes the whole person, allowing you to reflect upon what it is that sparks your passion and brings you joy.” 

Emily Vazquez Paramo '21

“Norfolk Academy has shown me the importance of creating relationships. Not only have I met friends who I know I will keep in touch with long after high school, but I have witnessed the bonds between the students and faculty. Even after graduation, Norfolk Academy stays in touch with alumni, reminding them that they are not alone.” 

Charlie Walker '21

“The lessons I learned while using the Honor System for 12 years have shaped me into the person I am today, and I hope to spread this impact to others in the future.”

Josh Warsaw '21

“The biggest impact I had on Norfolk Academy was through my time on the track team. Being a leader junior and senior year was incredible. I remember the leaders of the team when I was in Middle School and will never forget the impact they had on me.”

Sophie Watson '21

“Alongside both family and friends, I have grown so much during my time at Norfolk Academy.” 

Graham Webb '21

“NA feels like a home away from home and has always reminded me to overcome challenges as they appear and not let them keep you down.” 

Jackson Weis '21

“Norfolk Academy has given me a great education and developed my character, things that will benefit me in life.” 

Franklin Wetmore '21

“Norfolk Academy has shown me the value of discipline. I've learned here that the work you put into something will always equal the reward you get from it. The school teaches that lesson so well.”   

Matthew Wetmore '21

“My advice to underclassmen is this: Challenge yourselves in every way possible. Hard work and having fun are not inversely related; in fact, you can argue that they are directly related. The harder you work, the happier you will be with the results you see at the end of your time as a student at NA. Also, never let the opinions of others affect your happiness and never regret not leading others the way that you want to.” 

Graham White '21

“The people at Norfolk Academy have left an impact on me. They are the best, and they look at you as a person rather than just as a student. I will miss the conversations with teachers, coaches, and administrators the most out of everything.”

Kate Zak '21

“Norfolk Academy has taught me to have a very strong work ethic. Whether it is academics or athletics, I have learned to constantly try my hardest and strive for improvement.”