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Class of 2020

Solomon Duane '19


Most Meaningful Activity
The winter musical was an incredibly transformative experience for me. It opened me up to a new side of the arts that I had never been so immersed in before. I also created an entirely new group of friends and collaborators through the process of working on a marvelous production.

Inspirational Teacher Coach
In Mr. Manning’s Shakespeare in Leadership class, we enjoyed a variety of the finer aspects of culture, from listening to classical music to dissecting poetry to staging Shakespeare’s greatest plays. By studying the encompassing traits of a leader through Shakespeare’s works, Mr. Manning prepared us to be leaders in our society and classrooms. Mr. Manning came to class every day with a smile and a sharp sense of humor, ready to feast on the greatest literary works of all time and reveal their genius to us in an intimate, seminar-style setting.

Looking Back
I remember playing pitball with my classmates almost every morning in seventh grade. It was refreshing to unwind with my classmates and partake in an NA tradition spanning back further than we could remember. Those daily games before Chapel helped forge many bonds I have with friends today and opened up a world of social opportunities that still thrive.

Making My Mark
I believe that I have shown Norfolk Academy the value of performance and the arts. I have always encouraged my classmates and the school to showcase its vast array of artistic talent, from visual art to music to dance. In a world of increasing pressure on STEM-related fields and topics, I think a culture of artistic expression and emotion cannot be left to the wayside.

The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is…my love of community.