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Class of 2020

Sammy DeLorenzo '18

Most Meaningful Activity
Chinese Exchange Program.
Never before have I experienced such a stunning array of sensations and developed so much in so short a time. I learned about a different people, a different culture, my peers, and myself while on that trip. If I have just one more experience like that, my life will be one well lived.
Inspirational Teacher Coach
I have had the good fortune of having Herr Nelson as my German teacher for three years, as my advisor and club sponsor for one, and as a kayaking buddy for three weeks. He instilled a knowledge and inspired a love of the German language in me, and I plan on furthering my study in college and hopefully achieving fluency. I never had him as a coach, but he was one of the first people to suggest that I should run track, and he always kept up with my times and encouraged me to do my best.
Looking Back
In fourth grade, Mrs. Wallace would put a star next to items on our bulletin that we could work ahead on. I took those stars as a challenge to complete all of them over the weekend. I always completed the assignments long before she would collect them, and she alone created a work ethic in me that I continue to this day.
Looking Ahead
I think I will major in biology, with a concentration in genetics. Mr. Fowler’s genetics unit in 9th grade biology inspired a fascination in the topic, and with Mrs. Goodson’s Advanced Biology class junior year I was able to become better versed in the subject.
The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is…my commitment to doing something greater than myself.