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Class of 2020

Megan Robinson '19


Reflections on Learning
My best classroom experience was being able to have an interactive lecture taught by Judge Jack Doyle in my American Government class. He spoke to us about the judicial court system, as well as the different types of court sentencing. Judge Doyle’s conversation deeply intrigued me and undoubtedly opened my eyes to the rigorous manner of the United States’ courts and laws.

Inspirational Teacher Coach
Coach Duquette continually strives to make sure we understand the material we are currently learning. Throughout the year, he always reached out to me to make sure I understood the current topic, and always offered to work extra problems with me in his free time. I have never been the best student in math, but he made me want to learn more about the subject every day. Coach Duquette not only cares about our understanding of the topic, but his kind nature, constant laughter and jokes, and wisdom make his class one I will never forget.

The Academy Difference
The types of advanced learning and opportunities Norfolk Academy provides are exceptional. The teachers at Norfolk Academy push you to work hard both inside and outside the classroom, while also making you want to learn beyond the curriculum. Both the teachers and coaches here have taught me the value of time management, seeking help from your teachers, organization, and the study skills necessary to succeed in college with flying colors.

Looking Ahead
One of the many goals that I have wanted to pursue since I was a child has been to work at ESPN. Norfolk Academy has given me the incredible opportunity to get a head start on my future career by being able to broadcast and commentate at our athletic teams’ games, as well as being able to write a sports column for our school’s newspaper.

The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is…my integrity.