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Class of 2020

Mary Alice Russell '18

Most Meaningful Activity
Dance Team.
Everything about dance makes every day so much more enjoyable. The love, unity, and support that dance team has given me is irreplaceable and irreversible. Every person that dances, even just for one season, is changed forever.
Inspirational Teacher Coach
Dr. Kidd is my advisor as well as one of the most brilliant people I have ever met. Every time I go to him with a question he always puts me on the right path, and he always cares about what is going on in my life. He went with me on the French exchange, and on that trip I realized what a teacher should really be like. He watched over all of us, joined in on our inside jokes, and could always tell what was up. He has also taught me to be a better writer. The essays and other projects we have to do seem almost mind boggling at first, but Dr. Kidd always helps out when you need it most.
Looking Back
When I was in lower school I participated in the forensics program in storytelling. I loved choosing what story I would tell, and I loved telling it to audiences. When it came to regionals, however, every year I got to go, but I never won anything. From triumph and defeat I learned the valuable lesson that you cannot always win, even when you love what you are doing.
The Academy Difference
Norfolk Academy has taught me to work as hard as possible as much as possible. The never-give-up mentality is what got me into the college I have wanted to go to my entire life. Also, knowing the importance of introducing yourself to others as well as the significance of sending thank you notes and always asking questions has enabled me to do the best that I can.
The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is…diligence.