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Class of 2020

Jordon Blackwell '18

Most Meaningful Activity
Joy Fund Basketball Game.
This is a game put on by the Tunstall Student Council in which the faculty play against the seniors. Although I’ve never seen the seniors win, this game is exciting and usually brings a lively crowd.
Inspirational Teacher Coach
Dr. Affronti has taught me to think on my own and be a problem solver. He is a man who is always positive; no matter how the day is going everyone is excited to go to Dr. Affronti’s class. He has shown me the value of being positive in life, and that’s the first step to doing anything you want to do.
The Academy Difference
One way in which Norfolk Academy has left a lasting impact on me is it has allowed me to become a leader and grow as a leader. There are so many opportunities to lead at Norfolk Academy through clubs, student council, Honor Council, Fellows, sports, the arts, etc. We also have a great faculty that sets a great example of leadership.
Looking Ahead
I think NA has prepared me for college because it has made me a better reader and writer and has shown me how to be an independent student. NA has also prepared me because it has given me an environment where it’s okay to “try hard” because most students have the same goal in mind which is to succeed.
The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is…perseverance. I believe throughout my years at Norfolk Academy I have been challenged academically and athletically and have learned that nothing comes easy. Through perseverance, I am where I am today and hope to continue this mentality next year at Hampden-Sydney College in the classroom and on the football field.