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Class of 2020

Hans Christoffersen '18

Reflections on Learning
Art history class provided a unique opportunity to practice the techniques used in art pieces from all throughout history. Mr. Barton works hard to hold small field trips in which we throw clay, illuminate our initials, dance with Mr. Watson, or understand how photography works with Mr. Garvin. In these lessons I learned how mankind’s greatest accomplishments actually work, all on campus with our outstanding arts department.
Inspirational Teacher Coach
Dr. Naujoks has had the biggest impact in shaping me throughout high school. Her Western Civilization course taught me to think for myself. From then on, Dr. Naujoks has always challenged me to do exactly that. Without her guidance, I would not have understood the importance of political participation in our democracy, nor would I have taken to my courses. She has been an incredible teacher to learn from.
Looking Back
I remember being a waiter for the younger kids every day at lunch in 5th and 6th grades. I may not have appreciated it then, but it taught simple responsibilities and how to take care of others.
Looking Ahead
I am considering a major in environmental policy after being a Chesapeake Bay Fellow for the past few years because I have seen how important responsible legislation is in fighting climate change.
The Academy Difference
The honor system was introduced to me in fourth grade, and has been the most formative trait Norfolk Academy instilled in me. Always I strive to be honorable, because honor is what keeps me grounded and is what allows others to trust me.
The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is…my commitment to the people who have influenced me. I love everyone at Norfolk Academy and am so thankful for what they have done to help in my development.