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Class of 2020

Gabby Foley '19

Most Meaningful Activity
The eighth grade Odyssey trip was a unique opportunity for me to finish off my Latin career with a bang. I had never traveled out of the country before and the whole experience fostered my love for travel. I learned Greek, backpacked through small Italian towns, made forever friendships with my classmates, ate delicious food, and discovered a history that I had at first perceived to be irrelevant. My education became this living organism that I could discover, explore, and take control of.
Reflections on Learning
I never wanted my American Nature Writers class to end. The course takes environmentally passionate students and translates this passion for conservation into activism. We followed the short but potent history of environmental writers from Wendell Berry to Al Gore. Ms. Hobbs had us do breathing and stretching exercises before class, listen to whale songs while passionately journaling, create artwork that reflected nature through our eyes, and facilitated long discussions about why we subconsciously prefer to view the earth and its resources as being infinite.

Inspirational Teacher Coach
Mr. Warsaw is the best teacher/person/mentor. When we went to France together I felt as if our teacher-student relationship reached a new level. I now love going to him for advice and motivation. He makes me feel like I have unique assets of intelligence that are more valuable than grades, which I had never thought of before. 
Looking Ahead
I plan on studying Environmental Science and Sustainability at Sewanee. From science field trips to the oyster project to learning how to put passion for conservation into action in American Nature Writers, my course work at Norfolk Academy ignited my passion for environmental science.

The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is…my sense of character.