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Class of 2020

Faith Phillips '18

Most Meaningful Activity
Fine Arts Day.
One of my favorite activities has been Fine Arts Day which is our annual day dedicated to the arts program. I am always so proud of the school I go to when I get to be a part of workshops with passionate students and when I watch the talent that each student has worked so hard to develop.
Reflections on Learning
My French teacher, Mr. Warsaw, let us play a French game outside on a beautiful spring afternoon. We laughed and spoke to each other in French just like we would do in France. It felt so real, and in that moment, I realized just how much I had learned over the years.
Inspirational Teacher Coach
My art teacher, Mr. Garvin, has given constant support and motivation since my first day of Studio I back in 10th grade. He taught me multiple techniques and helped me find my own voice in the class. He told me about a summer art intensive at VCU and suggested that I apply. I went to the intensive last summer because of him and ended up having the best experience of my life. He then helped me prepare a portfolio for my application to VCUarts last fall and wrote my letter of recommendation. I knew I loved art, but I never thought that I could actually go to college to study art. Next fall, I will be attending VCUarts, and I owe almost everything to Mr. Garvin.  
The Academy Difference
The teachers really care about every student. They love their jobs and want to help you. It really helped build my work ethic. They do so much for us, and I never wanted to let them down. I just really gained an overall passion for learning because of them. They make it fun!
The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is…my love for this school and community.