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Class of 2020

Emily Batts '18

Most Meaningful Activity
Varsity Rowing.
Rowing has been something I look forward to every year. Getting to know everyone on the team, competing together, training together, and supporting one another has instilled a love of the sport in me, and has made me realize what it really means to be a “team player.”
Reflections on Learning
The formation of my Credo with Dr. Kidd was one of the most challenging projects I have ever worked on, but was also extremely rewarding. I was able to explore who I am, and share my beliefs with others. My Credo also allowed me to be creative in my writing, as I formatted it like the United States’ Constitution with each article representing one of my beliefs.
The Academy Difference
NA has truly let me explore who I am, as well as who I want to be—in the classroom, in a club, and on the water while rowing.
Looking Ahead
I plan on double majoring in history and international relations thanks to my Western Civilization class with Dr. Naujoks, my U.S. History class with Mr. Acra, and my English Literature class with Mrs. Zito.  Each of these courses paved the way toward me deciding to pursue the humanities in college.
The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is…my love of this community.