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Class of 2020

Chase Yager '18

Most Meaningful Activity
Participation in athletics not only serves as an opportunity to expand your growth and education into numerous different fields as well as nurture leadership and teamwork skills, but I also feel that they serve to bring a school closer together and give the student body something to bond over.

Reflections on Learning
In ninth grade, we had to do an activity in which we were given a random topic and had a minute or two to prepare a two-minute, impromptu speech on it. At the time, I was not particularly excited about this activity, and it was very challenging; however, I now see the numerous benefits of this activity, and my confidence in my public speaking ability improved drastically from this exercise.

Inspirational Teacher Coach
In Dr. Kidd’s English classes we spend less time alone reading and answering questions, and more time having in-depth discussions about the meanings and implications of the different books we have read. This structure has given me more confidence in my ability to interpret and understand the symbolism behind the things which I read, and has also helped me to develop the skills necessary to have deep and challenging conversations with my peers.

Making My Mark
I used the Fellows program as a way to get more involved in the middle school; I took many opportunities to teach classes in the middle school about things related to current events. I hope that I have laid the groundwork for future students to do the same.

The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is…my desire to use what NA has taught me to do great things.