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Class of 2020

Caitie Sullivan '18

Most Meaningful Activity
Upper school orchestra is a class I have come to cherish throughout my years at Norfolk Academy. While I consider myself a primarily sports-oriented person, the arts have always been an essential part of my life. Orchestra class has provided me with a refreshing break from the rigorous curriculum of science, math, history, etc. and allowed me to connect with a group of people I never would have gotten to know outside of our rehearsal room. I am extremely grateful I had the opportunity to pursue my passions in both athletics and music at Norfolk Academy.
Reflections on Learning
In political science we ran a mock presidential campaign. My group and I endorsed Mark Cuban and successfully debated, created campaign posters, and developed a course of action to win our school election. The highlight of the group project was receiving an email response from Mark Cuban himself explaining his stances on foreign affairs and the economy!
The Academy Difference
I believe that Norfolk Academy has challenged me inside and outside of the classroom in ways that no other school in this area could have. Ultimately, the bonds I have made with teachers, coaches, and friends are what will stay with me long after graduation. My peers and mentors have pushed me to achieve immense successes and have also been there to pick me up when I have been crushed by defeat. They have molded me into the young adult I am today, and I know this community has prepared me for whatever path I may take in my future.
Looking Ahead
This school has encouraged me to be my own advocate by seeking out teachers if there is a subject I don’t understand or setting up meetings with a coach if I am frustrated by a lack of playing time. I believe I am fully prepared for the challenges of college because Norfolk Academy has taught me to be a leader and helped me understand the value of using my voice to help me achieve my goals.
The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is…my love for my classmates.