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Graduation 2020 Program

The Belfry Graduation 2020

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A Tribute to Our Seniors

Explore profiles highlighting the accomplishments, dreams, and future plans of each member of the Class of 2020. We appreciate their inspirational words and salute this extraordinary class for demonstrating a persevering spirit and determination to succeed through many challenges. 


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Ashleigh Ackaway '20

“Reach out to your teachers if you need help with anything because they are all there for you and will help in any way they can.” 

Luke Ashton '20

“One thing Norfolk Academy has taught me... is that it means something to do the right thing and stay true to yourself.” 

Morgan Aufenger '20

“The incredible teachers and coaches at Norfolk Academy make this school better than any other. They are always available and have such valuable insight on life and learning.” 

Mary Grace Bangley '20

“NA introduced me to French which led me to spending my junior year in France. That was arguably the most important year of my life…” 

Asher Baum '20

“Norfolk Academy has helped me believe in myself more. I now realize that my intelligence is based on my willingness to work hard and my desire to achieve things that seem (at first) to be impossible.” 

Sydney Beverly '20

“I have left a lasting impact on Norfolk Academy because I used my voice through speeches, leadership in track, and clubs to foster a more inclusive community...”

Sarah Bimson '20

“Leaving Norfolk Academy, my hope is that I reflected love to all varieties of people and stood by my friends through the good and the bad…” 

Ells Boone '20

“… From the various international trips, to the amazing teachers, and surrounding me with great peers, I have loved my NA experience and would not trade it for anything in the world.” 

Paris Bredehoft '20

“One major lesson I learned from my time here is the importance of a community... I know the name, likes, dislikes, friends, classes, of almost all my peers.” 

Jasmine Brown '20

“Norfolk Academy provided me with an opportunity to discover my passions.” 

Lauren Camardella '20

“The people I’ve met here at Norfolk Academy – my teachers and my friends – have all helped me grow as a person throughout these six years.” 

Sahib Chandi '20

“At Norfolk Academy I learned to express myself coherently and confidently in groups, both large and small.” 

Virginia Chandler '20

“At Norfolk Academy I learned that trying new things and just going for it usually leads to amazing experiences and relationships.” 

Katherine Chang '20

“Norfolk Academy has taught me the importance of teacher-student relationships.” 

Rio Ciuffo '20

“Not only have I met my best friends at this school, but I have also had amazing teachers who all show a true passion for what they are doing.” 

Allison Comess '20

“Norfolk Academy has shaped me into having great character, along with fostering compassion, kindness, and courage.”

Kacey Cooper '20

“The connections that I've created with my teachers and coaches have left a lasting impact on me. Each teacher and coach have challenged me to achieve greatness and I will carry that with me in the future...” 

Nicholas Cowan '20

“Norfolk Academy truly is like no other school in the way that you can go to your teachers for anything, and I have really appreciated that throughout my years here.” 

Ellis D'Domenicus '20

“Norfolk Academy has shown me what a supportive family atmosphere can be. The impact it has left on me is that I will not settle for less."

Seth Dennis '20

“Work on finding a way to leave a lasting impact and legacy on this great school that we were lucky to attend.” 

Karina Dick '20

“Classes always tend to get very close in their senior year; don't wait! Get to know everyone as soon as you can.”  

Danielle Doss '20

“Norfolk Academy taught me how to grow up and how to become a better leader and follow what I am passionate about.” 

Gracie Dougherty '20

“I have spent more time at Norfolk Academy than my own house. I know that I will always remember the lessons I have learned in leadership…” 

Aidan Dowd '20

“Norfolk Academy has helped make me a more well-rounded person. It provided so many opportunities to meet new people and take on different challenges.” 

Colin Dowd '20

“I will always feel like Norfolk Academy is my second home…” 

Jasper Doyle '20

“Norfolk Academy has shown me that there are no limits to what you can participate in... Due to these experiences, I will never hesitate to try something new.” 

Julia Duarte '20

“Norfolk Academy is truly a special place that provides a community of support and opportunities...” 

Drew Duffy '20

“Norfolk Academy has been the biggest part of my entire life. The people who I have met here and the relationships we have built will last much longer than our time as students at this school...” 

Aiden Feigenbaum '20

“Cherish the time you have at Norfolk Academy… Having had the amazing opportunity to attend high school at such an institution is a blessing and cannot be taken for granted.” 

Camille Foley '20

“I have tried to show the underclassmen through my actions that it is okay to be different.” 

Carlon Ford '20

“Norfolk Academy taught me a lot about community. I truly felt like I was a part of something… and that will always be very special to me."

Ava Foy '20

“Norfolk Academy is a place where I grew up in the best ways.  It has provided me an unparalleled education and has given me friendships that will last a lifetime.”

Julian Franks-Pollock '20

“Without Norfolk Academy, I would not have all the lasting memories and experiences that have shaped me to be the man I am today.” 

Charles Frazer '20

“The honor code which is integral to the identity of Norfolk Academy has become part of my identity.” 

John Gregoire '20

“Norfolk Academy has taught me a lot about what it means to be part of a community.” 

Andrew Guerrero '20

“Norfolk Academy has taught me more than how to solve calculus problems or explain what caused the Civil War. I have emerged from NA with an excellent foundation with which to begin the next chapter of my life.”  

Jarod Haley '20

“Norfolk Academy has helped me develop the grit that I need to persevere through tough situations. I have also gained diligence in studying.” 

Jack Hall '20

“Norfolk Academy has left on me the lasting impact of always being truthful.” 

Sarah Haugh '20

“I really enjoyed the long-term Spanish Exchange! It was incredible to learn so much about a language and culture without feeling like a tourist.” 

Ethan Hennessy '20

“Norfolk Academy has left a lasting impact on me by teaching me how to speak with adults and also how to function to the best of my ability in real-world situations.” 

Judith-Renée Herman '20

“Try to push yourself to see what you’re capable of, and for the subjects you love, talk to your teachers to find out how you can learn more outside of class—just for fun.” 

Olivia Highton '20

“Norfolk Academy has been a part of my life for the past 12 years and has impacted almost every aspect of my character." 

Michael Hostutler '20

“Norfolk Academy has provided me with the resources and mentors to not only learn more about the world, but to help change it.” 

Zack Howard '20

“Norfolk Academy has shaped me into a true thinker, leader, and collaborator.” 

Sammi Jacobs '20

“I’ve learned how to think critically, and how to be a responsible and informed member of a community.” 

Ariana Jamali '20

“The importance of good work ethic is a lasting impact that Norfolk Academy has left on me.” 

Gianna Jones '20

“I have made friendships here and memories that I will hold on to forever.”  

Ellie Jones '20

“No other place in the world has the most inspiring and dedicated teachers, pushing me to strive for my best and showing me what true passion looks like.” 

Courtney Kilduff '20

“The kindness and generosity that my teachers have shown me has been inspiring...” 

Benjamin Koen '20

“The overall academic culture at Norfolk Academy has prepared me well for years to come.” 

Juliet Lancey '20

“I have found my passion in life… and the guts and inspiration to go out and actually make a difference through the support of the NA community.” 

Meghan Lawrence '20

“Because of Norfolk Academy I truly understand why someone would choose to go to their 20-year reunion.”  

Zoe Lester '20

“I know that the values and friendships I have gained since starting here will last for a lifetime.” 

John Livingood '20

“My writing has improved dramatically since attending NA, and I will always be grateful.” 

Ben Locke '20

“No matter how many times I have been knocked down, I tried my best to get back up...” 

River MacMillan '20

“Norfolk Academy has prepared me to be a better student and a better person.” 

Pooja Mahesh '20

“The values I have learned during my time at Norfolk Academy will aid me well in the future…” 

Maguire McMahon '20

“Always apply yourself to everything you do. Whether it's a small quiz or trying out for a team, give it your all. Don't look back on your high school career with any regrets...” 

Kyle Mele '20

“Norfolk Academy has left me with organizational skills and a work ethic that undoubtedly will pay dividends as I move forward in my life.”  

Sean Miller '20

“Without Norfolk Academy, I would be a very different person. The breadth of opportunity here has had an incredible impact on me.” 

Maxwell Minder '20

“Norfolk Academy has molded me into a leader who is not afraid to speak in public in front of large groups of people.” 

Ainsleigh Montgomery '20

“I have had many opportunities to become more comfortable with speaking my mind and making my voice heard.” 

Cole Moore '20

“Whether it is the importance of a student-teacher bond, or public speaking, I will always cherish everything Norfolk Academy has taught me.” 

Drew Moore '20

“As I'm about to graduate, I have realized the uniqueness of the Honor Code. Having an overall sense of respect for others and their belongings goes very far in life.” 

Brian Moss Jr. '20

“Norfolk Academy feels like an extension of my own family, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.” 

Avery Munn '20

“I have loved every experience in Studio Art… where I have learned so much about creativity.” 

Audrey Neumann '20

“Norfolk Academy has left a lasting impact on me, and I would not be where I am today without my amazing experience at the school.” 

Lelia Ottinger '20

“Make the most of your time with your friends and teachers. The memories you make will be so special and your time at NA will be over before you know it." 

Dylan Pausch '20

“The ability of Norfolk Academy's courses, particularly the English courses, to discuss serious topics like religion and free will has informed my views on several matters. I've come to have a greater appreciation for opportunity and a stronger logical base for my atheism thanks to these courses.” 

Audrey Peck '20

“Through the people I've met and experiences I've had, I've learned what it means to be dedicated, respectful, and hard-working.” 

Wyatt Pleming '20

“I have tried to be a Bulldog in every manner that I could. Whether that be in the hallways, in the classroom, on the field, on the mat, or on the court. I hope that people will remember me as having integrity and honor.” 

Katie Post '20

“Your high school years are a transformative journey. It’s your chance to give yourself the freedom to grow and realize your potential. Don’t be afraid to take risks and go outside of your comfort zone…” 

Meade Pruden '20

“The NA family brought me in and treated me no differently than the current students. I will always be thankful for my awesome five years at NA.” 

Lily Purdy '20

“Norfolk Academy has left a lasting impact on me in many ways. Several of the most important ways are time management, study habits, and the importance of having a schedule.” 

Elijah Quamiley '20

“Norfolk Academy has helped me become a more outgoing person. It has also made me a better leader.” 

Laura Read '20

“Norfolk Academy has left me with an undeniable sense of home.” 

Olivia Reis '20

“I have been taught so many lessons and I credit my teachers and coaches for this.”

Max Rosenblum '20

“The friends I've made at Norfolk Academy will forever leave a lasting impact on me.” 

Jacob Saffold '20

“The relationships that I made with my classmates will last forever…” 

Abby Sayles '20

“Because of Norfolk Academy, honor and work ethic are two things that will always stay with me.” 

Benjamin Shine '20

“Norfolk Academy has allowed me to foster relationships with people that are like family. This school has really aided as I’ve grown and matured into the man I am today…” 

Alexis Sisino '20

“Although I came to Norfolk Academy in seventh grade, I feel like I have always been a part of the Bulldog Family.” 

Leah Smith '20

“I have tried to show the underclassman through my actions that it is okay to be different.” 

William Smythe '20

“Take in everything that NA has to offer and absorb all of the opportunities thrown your way.” 

Ethan Sorrell '20

“Norfolk Academy has caused me to value and more fully understand the concept of honor.” 

Rose Steingold '20

“The safety and structure offered at Norfolk Academy is rare and I don't think we, as students, realize that until it’s gone.” 

Rachael Stromberg '20

“Everyone really just wants the best for everyone else, and I love that about our community.” 

Kerri Thornton '20

“I would like to think that my work as the stage manager will leave an impact on the theater department. I have poured my heart and soul into it, and every season I am always so proud at what we are able to produce…” 

Elaina Tenfelde '20

“At Norfolk Academy, I have had the opportunity to experience and participate in activities that I had never considered. These experiences are what inevitably made me into the person who I am today.” 

Senior Portrait

“Norfolk Academy has taught me to reach outside of my comfort zone – to explore various disciplines which I most likely would have overlooked if I were somewhere else.” 

Wilson Traywick '20

“The Honor system has left the most lasting impact on me due to the trusting culture that it creates.” 

Shrey Vachhani '20

“Through my time at Norfolk Academy, I have learned the importance of a strong community and the effects it can have on all of its members.” 

Nathan Vu '20

“Success is failure turned inside out- The silver tint of the clouds of doubt, And you never can tell just how close you are, It may be near when it seems so far; So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit- It’s when things seem worst that you must not quit.” 

Ben Walling '20

“As I leave Norfolk Academy, I am confident in saying that I used each opportunity to my advantage. If it was in the classroom, broadcasting booth, or athletic field, I strove to be the best version of myself each day.” 

Isaiah Whitfield '20

“I feel like the Class of 2020 in particular created strong bonds with teachers and students alike that will last forever.” 

Jack Whitmore '20

“I have always been able to see my teachers whenever I would like, and they are always willing and able to help...” 

senior portrait

“Norfolk Academy encouraged me to venture outside of my comfort zone. I plan on bringing this attitude to college.” 

Andi Yuan '20

“Norfolk Academy has taught me that teachers are oftentimes more than just teachers and that they share many of the same interests as we do.” 

Ali Zaidi '20

“NA is a place which, no matter where you are when you get there, you will leave a changed person. My teachers, peers, and the curriculum at Norfolk Academy helped me to develop confidence. Confidence in both what I did and what I knew, and most of all a sense of unwavering self-trust…”