Upper School

Students first. Citizen-Scholars in time.
By the time they reach Upper School, Norfolk Academy students possess the most solid of academic foundations along with a grounding sense of Academy traditions. In tenth, eleventh and twelfth grades, they grow into stewards of the school community as well as insightful thinkers and creative collaborators who work together on ideas they might spend the rest of their lives pursuing.

Instilling lifelong passion in our students occurs naturally in our Upper School. Our students engage their teachers as the subject experts and fascinating individuals they are, and Norfolk Academy teachers operate more as inspiring mentors and role models than as authority figures. Conversations—about the fate of the Chesapeake Bay, about injustice across the globe and right here in Hampton Roads, about classical guitar, Star Trek, lacrosse, or an upcoming family vacation—flow naturally and vitally through our classrooms and hallways.

Every Norfolk Academy graduate identifies the college that will complement his talents and push him further into serious academic discourse. One and all, our high school students emerge from Norfolk Academy not just as intelligent young adults, but as citizen-scholars. Poised, ambitious, principled, and compassionate, they enter college and adult life possessing a wisdom that comes not from test scores, but from maturing in this singular community, among teachers and peers counted as lifelong friends, at an independent school that makes its impact known only in time.