Middle School

Relationships first. Collaboration in time.
Norfolk Academy seventh, eighth, and ninth graders present themselves with more poise and polish than most adolescents. But it’s not an act—it’s the natural culmination of coming of age within our respectful, relational culture and community.

They also possess vast stores of energy, which is what makes teaching this age group so much fun. Our Middle Schoolers possess the intellectual capacity to take on big new concepts, perform their own research, run their own experiments, and embody divergent perspectives through role playing and creative assignments devised by our passionate Middle School faculty.

During these formative years, your student takes Latin to build her vocabulary and better understand the ancient world’s continued relevance today, embarks on an annual “service season” that reaches far beyond campus bounds, and thoughtfully chooses her own faculty advisor, who serves as mentor, confidante, and inspiring advocate.

And because our Middle School extends to ninth grade, Norfolk Academy students don’t feel rushed to “fit in” among juniors and seniors before they’re ready. Instead, they hold a vast array of leadership positions their ninth-grade year—including the opportunity to begin their journey through our Batten Civic and Global Leadership Program. More than just the precursor to Upper School, grades seven through nine at Norfolk Academy present your student with myriad opportunities to learn how to be an insightful scholar, a wise advocate, a confident leader, and a staunchly reliable friend.