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Adavya Dhawan '18

Structured to promote group discussions and spur creativity, our academic classrooms are fostering communicative and innovative students that are extremely prepared to tackle higher education."

University of Virginia (Jefferson Scholar)
Honor Council (Middle and Upper School Chairman), BLP Global Affairs Fellows, Varsity Cross Country (Captain)

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Tai Jeffers '18

"The teachers at this school care so much about all of the students, including the ones they don’t teach. They’ve inspired me to practice selflessness and to show compassion and empathy for others."

Princeton University
Varsity Crew, Girl Up (Co-President), German Exchange

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Sophia Burke '18

"Students at NA are always juggling 15 things at once -- essays, research papers, labs, presentations, group projects, exams, mentoring, sports, community service, summer travel -- with grace and timeliness. I have learned how to manage my time well and maintain a balance in my life."

Carnegie Mellon University
BLP Global Affairs Fellows, Dance Team (Co-Captain), Winter Musical

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Shruti Vachhani '18

"Norfolk Academy has left a lasting impact on me through helping to build my character. First grade characteristics such as enthusiasm, empathy, and kindness have been constantly instilled in me, and for that I am extremely grateful."

University of Virginia
Peer Counselor, Norfolk Academy Medical Scholars Program, Varsity Rowing

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Sammy DeLorenzo '18

"I have been given many opportunities to become involved with my community and lead other students, and I believe this will help me become an effective leader and agent of change in the coming years."

Cornell University
Peer Counselor, Varsity Cross Country (Co-Captain), Varsity Indoor Track, Varsity Outdoor Track, Tunstall Student Council (Executive Vice President)

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"The emphasis on respectful discourse and creating a positive, open classroom environment was integral to my development as a leader."
New York University
BLP Global Health Fellows, Varsity Track and Field (Co-Captain), Girl Up Club (Secretary)

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"Girl of the Day, Forensics, and the Speech Program helped me articulate my opinions with confidence."
Princeton University
BLP Literacy Fellows, Literary Magazine (Co-Editor-in-Chief), Breakthrough at Norfolk Academy (Teaching Fellow)

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"The competitive energy that lives within Norfolk Academy inspires students to help their community and join sports teams or the arts which creates more overlap between students and fosters stronger relationships."
Stanford University
BLP Global Health Fellows, Varsity Field Hockey (Captain, MVP, State Championship Team), Norfolk Academy Medical Scholars Program

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senior portrait

"Our student-faculty relationships help students realize the importance of brilliant teachers, and how they are the people with incredible influence in their lives."

George Mason University
BLP Chesapeake Bay Fellows, Varsity Rowing (Captain), Honor Council

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"We aren’t given strict schedules and timelines so time management is one skill I think everyone is able to learn here."

Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts
Studio Art Classes, Norfolk Academy After School Program, Dance Team

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"The student-teacher relationships at NA are a facet of this school that I believe has been crucial to my growth, and is one of the many things that makes NA stand out from any other school."

Tufts University
Varsity Rowing, Horizons Yearbook (Editor-in-Chief), The Belfry (Co-Editor-in-Chief)

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"Projects at Norfolk Academy allow you to find your own creative voice to develop innovative solutions to classroom assignments."

University of Virginia
Robotics (Captain), Lighting Crew (Lighting Director and Lead Designer), Varsity Rowing (Coxswain), Fine Arts Association (President)

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"Norfolk Academy has encouraged me to broaden my horizons. I have had the opportunity to meet many different people from many diverse backgrounds which has laid a foundation for me to engage in meaningful conversations that will benefit me in the future."

University of North Carolina
Captain, Varsity Football, Basketball, and Lacrosse, BLP Chesapeake Bay Fellows, Monogram Club

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senior portrait

"The friends and mentors whom I have found at NA will continue to guide me for years into the future."

Amherst College
Varsity Soccer (Captain), Varsity Basketball (Captain), Varsity Lacrosse (Captain), BLP Global Affairs Fellows, Tunstall Student Council (Senior Class President)

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senior portrait

"Norfolk Academy has taught me to be a leader and helped me understand the value of using my voice to help me achieve my goals."

Columbia University
Varsity Tennis (two-time Captain), Orchestra, Norfolk Academy Medical Scholars Program

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