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Over 90% of our students graduate from the college or university to which they originally matriculate - evidence that their college searches are thoughtful, intentional, and fit-centered.

Norfolk Academy's demanding curriculum and high standards ensure that students are well-prepared for the academic demands of the most rigorous colleges and universities in the country.  The challenge of the college search process is to identify institutions that fit student interests, learning styles and personalities - to find the schools at which they will be happiest and most fulfilled.

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The Journey with College Counseling

Freshman Year

Freshman Year

Students are encouraged to make the most of the academic, extra, and co-curricular opportunities available to them during this, the first year of their formal “high school” record. This includes offering one’s very best effort in the classroom, on the field, on the stage, and in all of the communities of which a student is a part. Ninth grade is the time to nurture developing relationships with Norfolk Academy faculty, establish good habits as a self-advocate, think introspectively about core values and beliefs, and to be mindful that grades achieved during this year will both matter to colleges, and are incorporated into a student’s cumulative GPA.

Sophomore Year

Personal growth and self-discovery are the mainstays of this year as students work earnestly towards achievement in the classroom that is reflective of their natural abilities, and pursue meaningful involvement with school and community groups beyond the traditional school day. This is the time when students begin to acknowledge where their strengths and interests intersect. Students and parents are encouraged to take part in ongoing College Counseling programming in an effort to expand their understanding of the current college admission landscape.

Junior Year

Junior Year

A two-day college workshop event kicks off our work with juniors and their families during the fall season. Families are encouraged to cast a wide search net, and to establish a broad, healthy definition of success in the process. After the new year, each junior family will take part in a formal introductory meeting with a college counselor during which they will identify search characteristics and priorities of importance, name existing schools of interest, create a standardized test taking strategy, and discuss course selection for senior year. College counselors work closely with students, providing highly curated guidance as their college admission journey evolves.

Junior/Senior Summer

Junior/Senior Summer

11/12 Summer: The summer between junior and senior year provides another window for in-person campus visits as well as the beginning of the transition from the college search to the college application process. Students are encouraged to take advantage of all summer programs offered by the College Counseling team to include Essay Writing Workshops and Application Completion Labs.

Senior Year

Senior Year

12th Grade: During the fall semester, seniors continue work with their counselors on college applications and essays, refining a personalized application strategy, engaging in interview preparation and more. A variety of additional programs are in place to provide support to students as they approach the application finish line. As always, students and parents are welcome to schedule individual or family counseling appointments as needed. By May 1, the National Candidate Reply Date, students determine a final college choice from among a variety of exciting college options, and celebrate their future home during Norfolk Academy’s College T-Shirt and Senior Transition Program events.


Determining the “right fit" for college is about taking the time to ask yourself important questions.  At Norfolk Academy, we encourage the personal introspection that leads to clear answers.

Meet our Graduates

Learn more about our graduates and what they have to say about their Norfolk Academy experience.


Our students take their Bulldog Spirit to a diverse array of colleges and universities across the nation.  View our college list.


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Meet the Team

Jennifer Scott

Jennifer Scott

Titles: Director of College Counseling
Wendy Livingston

Wendy Livingston

Titles: Associate Director of College Counseling
Thomas Hudgins

Thomas Hudgins

Titles: Associate Director of College Counseling; English, Upper School
Stephen Monninger

Stephen Monninger

Titles: Director of Fitness, Strength & Conditioning; Health & P.E., Middle School; College Counseling
Shawn Ott

Shawn Ott

Titles: Assistant, College Counseling Office; Registrar
Virginia Scofield

Virginia Scofield

Titles: History Curriculum Coordinator, Middle School