Our Faculty

Grade Levels and Departments

Main Contacts

Specific contacts are listed below, or you may click on the Faculty & Staff Directory link to see a complete list of email addresses.
Headmaster - Dennis G. Manning
Associate Headmaster and Director of the Upper School - Linda Gorsline
Assistant Headmaster for Development - Grayson Bryant
Assistant Headmaster for Business and Auxiliary Operations - Jeffrey Martin
Director of the Lower School - Michelle Alexander
Director of the Middle School -Tommy Hudgins
Director of Admissions - Sarah Smythe
Director of College Counseling - Jennifer Scott
Director of Communications - Esther Diskin
Chairman of Fine Arts Department - Jeff Danielson
Director of Guidance and Counseling - H. Graham Hudgins
Co-Directors of Athletics - Chad Byler and Catherine McCallum
Director of Batten Leadership Program  - Sean Wetmore
Director of Technology and Information  - Susan Fuhs
Director of Alumni Relations - Ruth Acra
Director of Purchasing / Bookstore Manager - Kitty Signorelli

Campus Information

Norfolk Academy
1585 Wesleyan Drive
Norfolk, Virginia 23502-5591
Main Phone Number: (757) 461-6236
FAX: (757) 455-3181