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  • Giving

    a gift of Securities
Gifts of publicly-traded securities that have appreciated over time allow you to claim a charitable deduction for the full fair-market value of the stock in the year the gift was made. Gifts of securities may be made by (1) electronically transferring the securities from your brokerage account to one maintained in the name of Norfolk Academy, or (2) delivering the securities to the School along with a signed stock power form.

For more information and to notify us of your intent, contact Page Sykes at (757) 461-6236 or Please include a description of the stock to be transferred, the number of shares, the brokerage company, and the desired purpose of the gift.

More Information

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  • Delivering Through a Brokerage House

    This electronic method transfers the stock from your account to an account in the name of Norfolk Academy. For your convenience, we have accounts with several brokerage firms. If you do not have a preferred broker, you can transfer your stocks to Raymond James Financial. For all securities transfers you will need the school’s Tax ID # - 54-0551901.

    The delivery instructions are as follows:
    Raymond James Financial
    DTC # - 0725
    Norfolk Account Number: 202M9992
    Contact: Arch Brown ’80 - (757) 962-4981

    PLEASE NOTE that you as a donor must not direct the broker to sell the stock for Norfolk Academy. Stock sold by a donor is treated as a cash gift and would expose you to capital gains tax liability. Once you have requested the transfer of stocks, a member of the Norfolk Academy Development Office will direct the broker to sell.

    Feel free to contact Page Sykes, (757) 452-6766, or the Norfolk Academy Development Office, (757) 461-6236, with any additional questions.
  • Transferring a Certificate in your Possession

    If you have the certificate in your possession, you may mail the certificate or deliver it by hand.

    Mail the unendorsed certificate and a Securities Transfer Form with your intent clearly stated via certified mail or an overnight service to:
    Development Office
    Norfolk Academy
    1585 Wesleyan Drive
    Norfolk, VA 23502-5591

    In a separate envelope, mail a signed, blank stock power form, with your signature as it appears on the certificate and a copy of your securities transfer form.

    You may either endorse the back of the stock certificate(s) in our presence or sign a stock power form.