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Valued Voices

Exciting Choices

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Boys in Science class
Young boys watering plants in green house
Happy Students
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Upper School student in EDI class
Boy and Girl signing honor pledge
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Two girls hugging on first day of school


Our teacher-coach model shapes the vitality of relationships at NA. Students grow into confident, compassionate leaders through a supportive network of mentors, confidants, and advocates.

Valued Voices




“There’s great teachers. I’ve learned so much, and I think every child who comes here will learn a lot.”

Ella '26


“All of my coaches have been mentors for me.”

Katie '24



“Treat others the way we want to be treated.”

Maite ‘27


child smiling with grandparent

“It's not too big; it's not too small.  It feels just right."

Kay, Parent


“We value our children learning that education is fun. Learning is fun and that’s the environment we want our children to grow up in.”

Maureen, Parent


Girl at podium

“One of things that I cherish the most and that I missed the most after graduating was my relationships with my teachers."

Mary '13


“You learn to love learning."

Kay '85


“Teachers want to be involved outside of the classroom to continue building relationships and show support." 

Bobby '06


teacher speaking with book

“There came this moment where they had an audible 'Ah-Ha' moment.  To me, that's what describes an eager and engaged student."

Phil Call, 6th Grade Teacher


“Even after teaching high school biology for a couple of decades it’s still new, it’s still fun and it’s still challenging and it’s just a joy each day.”

Scott Fowler, Biology Teacher



“I think student-teacher relationships on our campus are the core of what Norfolk Academy does well.”

Jennifer Scott, Director of College Counseling

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Wooden Norfolk Academy seal

Year Norfolk Academy was founded


2 girls at desk

Racial/ethnic diversity


Veteran Teacher Tom Duquette

Average number of years our faculty has been teaching at Norfolk Academy


Teacher with student at computer

Student-to-teacher ratio


Student working on exam

AP exams taken last year


Stadium under beautiful sunset sky

Acre campus


Teacher (with doctorate) talking to students.

Faculty members with advanced degrees


Aerial view of Norfolk Academy fields

Times Norfolk Academy has won the “Fields of Excellence" award


two boys with teacher

Number of students in grades 1 - 12


Girls in Dartmouth and William and Mary t-shirts

Graduates admitted to four-year colleges

Exciting Choices

Pursue Your Interests


“The lessons I've learned regarding discipline, teamwork, and mental strength have been crucial to my development as a person." Dillon '16


“The student-teacher relationships at NA are a facet of this school that makes NA stand out from any other school."  Emily '18


“I can speak with more confidence in front of crowds now." Pablo '16


“Your dedication, ambition, and imagination are your only limiting factors." Daniel '18


“It's truly amazing having the entire school in one area, all cheering and expressing their Bulldog pride." Danika '16


“I will never stop asking questions or wondering 'what if,' and I have NA to thank for instilling this quality in me and all my peers." Emily '14

Live Honorably

Our Honor System affects every NA student in profound and permanent ways. Respect, honesty, and integrity define the entire Norfolk Academy experience—and every member of our community.

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Daily Handshake

It may seem like a small thing. But at Norfolk Academy, a handshake is significant, a greeting that fits formal events, like the Senior Speech, or informal ones, like a quick chat with your advisor in the hall. It delivers a message, “I see you. I know you. I respect you."


Family-Style Lunch

Students and faculty come together at round tables for family-style lunch, a beloved NA tradition. An array of delicious and healthy choices every day makes lunch an eagerly-anticipated event. Conversations flow, as students share stories--about class projects, new pets, and everything in between.

Pit Ball

Played in the Kennon Forum (The Pit) in the center of campus, Pit Ball is played by defending your step from contact with a ball using only your feet.

Open Lockers

Open lockers are the school's most visible emblem of the Honor System and the way that it shapes every aspect of school life. Open and trusting relationships are a hallmark of school culture; students treasure the honesty that characterizes their interactions with their teacher-coaches and peers.

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