Norfolk Academy's comprehensive athletic program features 74 interscholastic teams for grades 7 – 12. Teams compete in the Tidewater Conference of Independent Schools, the League of Independent Schools, and the Virginia Prep League.

The combination of sportsmanship, talented athletes and hard work result in many competitive triumphs, and we send our share of graduating seniors to play on NCAA Division I and III teams.  

At the heart of our athletic program is the teacher-coach model. Together with the students in the classroom and on the playing field, our coaches help develop strong character, discipline and leadership skills in our athletes.
Athletic Physical Form for 2015-16
Form must be completed AFTER May 1, 2015.  Athletic physicals are valid for 1 academic school year.

Team Schedules
Select a Team:
Cheerleading - Fall - Varsity
Cross Country - Boys' Junior Varsity
Cross Country - Boys' Varsity
Cross Country - Girls' Junior Varsity
Cross Country - Girls' Varsity
Field Hockey - Junior Orange
Field Hockey - Junior Varsity
Field Hockey - Varsity
Football - Bulldog
Football - Junior Orange
Football - Junior Varsity
Football - Varsity
Sailing - Junior Varsity
Sailing - Varsity
Soccer - Boys' Bulldog
Soccer - Boys' Junior Orange
Soccer - Boys' Junior Varsity
Soccer - Boys' Varsity
Tennis - Girls' Junior Varsity
Tennis - Girls' Varsity
Volleyball - Bulldog
Volleyball - Junior Orange
Volleyball - Junior Varsity
Volleyball - Varsity
Basketball - Boys' Bulldog 7 Blue
Basketball - Boys' Bulldog 7 Orange
Basketball - Boys' Bulldog 8
Basketball - Boys' Junior Orange
Basketball - Boys' Junior Varsity
Basketball - Boys' Varsity
Basketball - Girls' Bulldog
Basketball - Girls' Junior Orange
Basketball - Girls' Junior Varsity
Basketball - Girls' Varsity
Indoor Track - Junior Varsity
Indoor Track - Varsity
Swimming & Diving - Junior Varsity
Swimming & Diving - Varsity
Wrestling - Junior Varsity
Wrestling - Varsity
Baseball - Junior Orange
Baseball - Junior Varsity
Baseball - Varsity
Crew - Boys' Novice
Crew - Boys' Varsity
Crew - Girls' Novice
Crew - Girls' Varsity
Golf - Junior Varsity
Golf - Varsity
Lacrosse - Boys' Bulldog
Lacrosse - Boys' Junior Orange
Lacrosse - Boys' Junior Varsity
Lacrosse - Boys' Varsity
Lacrosse - Girls' Junior Orange
Lacrosse - Girls' Junior Varsity
Lacrosse - Girls' Varsity
Soccer - Girls' Junior Orange
Soccer - Girls' Junior Varsity
Soccer - Girls' Varsity
Softball - Junior Varsity
Softball - Varsity
Tennis - Boys' Junior Orange
Tennis - Boys' Junior Varsity
Tennis - Boys' Varsity
Track and Field - Boys' Junior Varsity
Track and Field - Boys' Varsity
Track and Field - Girls' Junior Varsity
Track and Field - Girls' Varsity
Athletic Leagues
League of Independent Schools

Tidewater Conference of Independent Schools

Virginia Preparatory League
Athletic Teams