You can’t help but smile when you walk into the Lower School. The children are happy, curious, and engaged. The faculty: warm and encouraging. Walk through the hallways hung with Boy or Girl of the Day reports, the latest research projects, artwork, and activities our students have enjoyed. Peek into a classroom, visit the Cooper Library, or watch the first grade boys learn to swim, and witness the joy of learning in a world class educational environment.

We believe that the formation of character is an integral part of a child's education. At home and at school our students, faculty, and families embrace and reinforce these core values.
From the very first day of school, students learn that the relationships we share with our peers and our teachers are the most important aspects of the Norfolk Academy experience. Traditions like morning chapel, handshakes at the beginning and end of the day, and family-style lunches all serve to reinforce the value we place in understanding and learning with one another. Students who feel understood, respected, and loved will perform and thrive.
Living by the Honor Code is a way of life in the Lower School and across the campus. "We tell the truth, we do our own work, and we don't take things that belong to others" are the simple tenets by which we live. We strive to impress upon each of our students that personal integrity is more important than any academic achievement.
The Lower School seeks to provide a strong academic program while providing the support necessary to help children develop and grow into independent learners and thinkers. The Lower School faculty work hard to develop self-reliance, responsibility, punctuality, neatness, and self-discipline. Students are taught to support, care for, and respect one another. Our mission is to develop the strong habits of mind, body, and character our students will most cherish and rely upon as they progress through school and through life.
Beginning in the first grade, students are introduced to the virtues and satisfaction they'll find throughout their lives in service to others. Each grade level dedicates its efforts to a cause or organization of its own choosing. The entire Lower School volunteers in a number of other campaigns each year, ranging from food drives to holiday gift collections to hurricane relief fundraisers. By the time students complete sixth grade, they'll have at least 24 service experiences under their belts - and a growing understanding of what it takes to be a valuable volunteer.